"Account Locked" for several Hours now

I was able to get in and play to level 10, then I got disconnected for a second time while porting back to town. From that point I have sat in multiple lengthy queues only to be told every time “Your account is currently locked. Please wait a few minutes and try again. (Code 395002)”.

I gave up and closed Battle.net and left it for a few hours. Decided to try it again now with the Queues being down at this time but I am still getting this error. You’d think if it were a server overloaded thing that 3am (UK) would solve it but I guess not. I guess I will go to bed and hope that its fixed by morning but I am not expecting it.

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I get the same error. I’ve run the repair tool, restarted several times and even played WoW for a bit same error ( code 395002) after a disconnect.

Same boat, I’ve only been able to get a 10 minute play time at the start. Been locked out all day. What a trash way to treat a loyal paying customer trying to support your game.


I’ve looked through the forum a bit more I see there are more threads about this, the similar threads things showed others but they didn’t indicate how long they’d been getting the error so I thought posting was still valid under the context that I had waited hours and even closed battle.net for hours as well.

having said that I notice that none that I have seen have had a response but responses are going to other topics. Not to get too tinfoil hat here but they do say they are restricting access in other threads so maybe we are being blocked intentionally. I’d be fairly disappointed if that were the case considering how much I spent.

I have complete understanding of what a beta is, but this? Several hours spent in queues and zero reasoning why we specifically have been removed. As if we were cheating or abusing the servers themselves. I guess my $125 CDN wasn’t enough.

same for me its frustraiting because you still have to wait in queue only for the game to close once this error occurs.

Same here, i found a bug when i clicked on a body like 50 times and it kept dropping junk items. reported it and then a few minutes later i got a dc and then this error 395002. i was thinknig maybe i got locked out for that? but then wtf is the point of a beta if u FIND a bug and report it and get your account locked. Blizzard as per usual dropping the ball. even this que time sheett for a CLOSED beta is ridiculous, its not a day 1 launch where people with physical copies are showing up out of nowhere, everyone playing today has pre-ordered so to say “they couldnt know how many people would show up” is horse sheet.

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Same got the account locked message.

Now every attempt I get tryna login gets me the “Code 34203” error.

I got the same issue after like 5 hours of game play. disconnected from server, and go to get back on and it gives me locked out error.

For those crying about “great way to treat loyal paying customers” this is a BETA WEEKEND.
why do people think they are entitled to a 100% working game on a beta weekend? report the issues so they get fixed, then the next beta weekend we play again and see what else got broke, until you have what usually happens as a “stress test beta” so they can get their bandwidth and servers ready for the destruction of opening weekend.

but those crying about “Im a paying customer, I should have full access all the time” need to go kick rocks. thats not what a beta is about. learn what these terms mean. we have roughly 5 months till launch we are testing the game for them, and in exchange we are allowed to play, well… some of us.

Same. Disconnected randomly while in a group and then waiting in a queue when it was estimating 1 minute for 20 minutes. Then it timed out, I tried a few times. Now I can’t get back on. “Account locked” and I restarted, back to “timed out”. I was fine for hours today. Hope my beta isn’t over.

I think people just want to BETA test the RIDE and not the LINE if you know what I mean.

honestly Ill bet they do a reboot on their login servers and it fixes it. its probably got us still logged in, and when we tried to get right back in it was like “ummm no, you are already in”
thats just my guess from playing games in beta for 25+ years now

How am I not entitled to access for what was advertised i’d have access too through purchase by a company?? are you delusional dude??

Yes, several login error codes, then account locked, wait 15 minutes rinse repeat…

Well, I got myself a good sleep and tried logging in, got immediately into char select screen without even queueing, I’d encourage others to give it another shot but bare in mind I am in the UK.

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