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fix barb rare node they cant roll all stats any more but still fun to play

Did you copy this from guides on how to write a description to the category? LOL

Tempering recipes need to drop prolifically in legion events to make legion events relevant again.
Helltide chests should drop a guaranteed recipe for that specific gear set
Remove chance to succeed on masterworking and reduce animation to 4th 8th and 12th
Fix the way on hit (or lucky hit) %chance to deal damage or freeze/daze/ect works. Right now each gear set that you have an affix for that acts independently so you have several chances for it to proc off one hit, what should be happening is the %chance should be stacking till 100% so that effect no matter what can only trigger once per hit (tested on PtR and if tempered or enchanted to on hit chance to freeze or stun on 3 gears and had a 50% on each sometimes all 3 would proc or sometimes one would proc, this is not how it should work)