About December 20 ''hotfix''

So… Blizzard… Let me get this straight.

You didn’t fix the Domination bug, that’s killing a lot of players (HC included) but you address to Metamorphosis NERFING it with only a few weeks to the end of the season?


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This is a good point. I was wondering why sometimes I would just explode for no reason. Turns out I executed myself with my own blood power!

Also meta fix is bad. Should have been a way to delevel powers. Meta was fine but now its locked near LV 1. (25% higher is all). So all the players using it for unstoppable got hit with big nerf. Esp in hardcore. All players that accidently leveled it to 3 are happy. So they fix one issue and make another one. Only Bliz could miss the best and easiest solution here.

December 20th is almost over and this hotfix has not been rolled out so it’s probably just a troll post by the devs.

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You were too powerful, it was the only way to take you down. The devs knew this, that is why they designed it to work as is. Not a bug. :rofl:

If you’re a HotA Barb and you accidently leveled your Metamorphosis to 3 this is a sweet rollback to combine with Tibault’s Will.

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Maybe metamorphosis was what was causing the lag.

It really feels weird why they have to adjust Metamorphosis. Not that I care about the skill because I only use it on my Fireball Sorc. The rest of my Sorcs don’t use it.

Some folks think this is a buff. Some think it’s a nerf. Blizzard should had just let it be. Why?

  • Season 2 is almost done. What’s the reason for doing this fix?
  • Keep the no nerf promise because it’s indeed a nerf to some folks. I am more concerned on the broken promise lol. They let BL and HoTa go on but they can’t let Metamorphosis keep as is?
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Blizzard don’t care about hardcore players bugs have been intentionally not fixed to increase player retention rates e.g. Re leveling to 100

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I think that new infinite charged bolts may have something to do with it. How many training dummies are being infinately fried while the player stepped away to go answer the door, then went to a bar and never came back?