A few tips for login Queue concerns:

  • Be patient.
  • Don’t drop and restart your login.
  • Number of players may not be accurate.
  • Time remaining may not be accurate. Even if the timer runs out.
  • Be patient.

During the Beta, the queue can be confusing. Dropping out of the queue and trying again, only puts more strain on the system.

I recommend once in, that you lower your graphic settings to ensure you won’t get graphical issues that might crash or cause you to drop out of the game. It would be safer to have a lower quality setting vs cranking things to max and potentially encountering a graphic issue that causes the game to crash. lol

Also read this pinned post about the Beta:

Good luck!

UPDATE: View this thread for more details regarding login issues:


Also make sure you’ve gotten the patch… some time between 9AM PDT yesterday and this morning an update became available. It’s only a few megabytes but you don’t want to be hassling with that AND the login servers at 9AM PDT this morning.

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Yeah, if in doubt, fully restart your system and launcher. I even paused my windows updates for a week.

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Well, hopefully that patch was downloaded on my machine and I didn’t even notice it. I restarted like 4 times already just to be sure lol.

It would have been brief.

So if my connection drops I lose my spot and have to wait in queue again? It doesn’t make any sense! why not reserve the spot for a few minutes so we can breathe?


Well, there is nothing they can do about your internet connection.

My suggestion is make sure your connection is solid.

I literally just swapped from my Starlink to my Centurylink. The DSL is slower but has a slightly better ping and less likely to get a hiccup, though the Starlink is usually pretty good.

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Probably. I don’t know if they have the “hold your spot” type priority set up. Just use the most stable connection you have and be patient.

I HOPE it actually gets hammered this weekend so that they can work on having it stable for the actual launch.

Break all the things!!


They can give us a grace period like they do in all of their other products (including betas)…

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Well it may have that, but I have no way of knowing this. Its better to assume it doesn’t since its beta than assume it does and be upset when it doesn’t.

That’s how I recommend approaching it.

1500 seconds to go! Not that I’m counting… 1480 seconds! OK, I am… 1470!

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and dont forget to refresh bnet app at 00

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Love this attitude… go fast, play hard, break everything you can!

I’m going totally hardcore from the start. Assuming that’s possible. I vaguely recall D3 made you reach level 10 once before you could even start an HC toon.


Yeah, I never tried HC mode on the closed Beta. Wish I had. lol

We’ll find out in about 10 minutes (600 seconds!) (Again, not that I’m… oh bugger all!)


Me too I’m chomping at the bit

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Hope it’s the Diablo game I’ve been waiting for


And… 9:02 and I still can’t get the Play button to light up

We have all weekend. It will be up soon enough. I just got the pot roast going in the instant pot and the dishwasher on.

I can find more to do if I need to.


Yeah everyone, please be patient. I know its difficult.