80 Beast in the Ice runs, 2 Druid unique gloves

What’s with the drop rate of the newly added uniques in Beast in the Ice?

I know it’s hard to min max but I never thoght it’s even hard just to drop? AND the 2 I got were even of the lowest possible roll.

Moments like this makes me want to rage quit. Last time it’s the Malphas run. I don’t understand why I stayed…

I dont know why you stayed either. You sound very disgruntled.

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RNG can be like that. It took me longer to get a well rolled star helm than a shako.

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So the thing about RNG games is they hate you, with a passion. They’ll never stop hating you, it’s like a bad relationship. The more effort and time you put in the more it destroys your soul. Then just like a bad relationship a new season comes along and the game has forgotten all about you, but knows that it still hates you.

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They dropped for me on my first run. But on runs since then to try get a max roll I’ve seen them drop probably 1/5. They also drop a lot in t90+ nmd for me. I’ve probably only done about 25 beast runs on my druid so not sure if that’s a big enough sample size to get a true drop rate.

I think items are time gated for Beast. If you run during certain windows it’s just not in the loot table.

Ya I’ve run it about 20 times with no joy. It’s a real pita so frankly I’m not bothering. The crap they put in this game to try and make us keep grinding is truly baffling to me.

I have the same feeling. From some point, I feel like Blizz game has some mech in place to keep you grinding. What’s worse for D4 is that the grinding is all behind overly easy contents and they feel like some kind of jail.

The problem with this loop is basically:

  • You have to grind way to easy open world content (Living Steel) to spawn an easy uber Boss.
    Now if that would be it, okay. But you also gotta grind hearts so you can get the other body parts to spawn a boring and easy Uber Boss.

The fun part kicks in now:
You gotta do that twice so you can spawn Uber Duriel once.

Now you can go kill Duriel.

If you do this with other people and friends it’s a lot more efficient. If you do it alone you won’t go anywhere if your not as lucky I was to get Starless Skies on first try.

And to finish this off:
You are doing this process while already being overpowered to begin with. You don’t need the items at all. You are already clearing T100s and Duriel (endgame content) without the uniques.

:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

It’s almost like people created an endgame that was already over before it started.

I did more than that looking for starfall coronet. Got 2 out of over 100 runs. The system that is in place where it makes it harder to get the uniques you need based on your build is DOG PISS. No, it doesn’t make me play longer. It’s the main cause I quit after 5 days of season 2 and its the reason I quit season 3

The Item Pool for that Boss is now heavily bloated.
Varshan: 22 Uniques / 4 Druid / 2 All
Grigoire: 18 Uniques / 4 Druid / 1 All
Zir: 25 Uniques / 5 Druid / 3 All
Beast in the Ice: 31 Uniques / 5 Druid / 5 All

Take into account individual Item Weighting which there undoubtedly is and you have a recipe for some swell RNG - add to it a handful of terrible rolls…Welcome to D4.
The only upside is that it’s the most readily available material next to or on par with LS.

Yeah, you should not play a game of grind if you dont want to grind.

Dont expect a jackpot on few tries. This is not that game.

And one more, making a party to run Beast in the Ice is painful… My run yesterday was with 3 Druids and it took a while to get to a full party; and we all run so slowly…

Well…If I were free I’d say add me and we could blast some runs.
I’m in the process of a move(packing…SORTING…downsizing phase. killing me)
Feel free to send a FR. I might slack here and there and pop in for a break(MageCraft#1617), no promises though. Deadline quickly approaches and a VERY long drive is looming.