8 Helltide chests and not a single unique

So juiced I was offline during the super unique free for all. When I get to do a helltide I get a bunch of garbage legendary. Got to love grinding for nothing. End game is so boring.

Uniques are turned off for helltide chest right now

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“Pssst… yeah you buddy. C’mere. [looks around suspiciously] You want Shako? [opens trench coat] I got Shako.

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It was re-enabled with the last hotfix.

Get a life says the person trolling gaming forums. SMF bro you are a hypocrite.

Cool, gonna have to hit the next helltide when I’m on.

Aww man. 8 whole helltide chests?? Give this man a full unique set for his struggle please!

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You seem to not understand the difference between the concept of a “chance to drop” versus a “guaranteed drop.”

That’s, like, your problem, bro.

The chance to drop is like everywhere else now, completely abysmal and will most likely give you some worthless unique that isn’t worth looting.

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You can’t even target-farm specific uniques anyway. Blizzard almost did something good, but then decided it was too good. LOL

My problem? I figure in 13 chests you might get a unique.

are you talking about random regular uniques or one of the 6 rare uniques? Cause if you’re talking about the latter sorry to say, those are lottery levels of chance that you’d find one. So basically, you might get one if you open perhaps around a million chests at least, forget about 8 lol. stupid? yes very but thats the way Blizzard rolls since at least the last decade.

So people thought Uniques were just going to come pouring out of Helltide chests? They can drop now. Doesn’t mean they are going to.