6% playing and still lag?

You know, with only 6% of the original player base still playing, you would think that I could play with minimal lag, but I can’t even talk to a vendor in town because the lag is so bad! I guess Blizzard wants even less people playing Diablo 4?

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Out of curiosity, how do you get the figure only 6% of the original player base are still left playing this game meaning 94% of the players stop playing D4 already?

6 million to under 150k…

but then it would be the usual thing to consider ones own internet connection as the culprit for any ongoing disruptions.
It doesnt matter if this is the only game not running smoothly, because in the end, it can simply be that your ISP is routing you across the world for some reasons.
You can check this, there is even a support article on Blizzards servers:

There’s an issue with their server and/or the last update. Lag and crashing to desktop. No issues with any other app, game, router, ping path, lightning fast internet, or the price of tea in India. They have royally messed something up with the last update.

Could be your connection because I’ve been running flawless no lag no errors

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Agreed. My ISP is crap. :sweat_smile:

Definitely something changed on their side. I’ve played every day for 5 months on the xbox maybe had 3 disconnects that whole time. Starting on 11/25 I’ve had about 50. If I disable cross play, no issues at all, but as soon as I enable cross play system disconnects or hangs anytime I’m around a large group of other players. There was no network or even diablo patch version change. No change at all client side. The problem manifested in the middle of a session on Saturday 11/25 around 11:30 PM Pacific Time. They rolled out some server change at that time. I have a fiber connection wired into my house with 1 GB/second internet connection. Xbox is connected to router via ethernet.


Yeah it’s something they did. No issues with any other games just this one. Ping time is 17ms and download is well over 500MB on average. It’s really pissing me off as this season was really good. Portaling to a different location usually crashed. Random crashes in other areas and constant freezing that lasts 6 seconds to 3 minutes. Sometimes just disconnects and other times crashes the game to the Xbox screen. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times.

If your console is connected on WiFi ensure you are using 5.0ghz and not 2.4. It makes a world of difference.

Haha! They stole my secret trick!!


Guess what Blizz!!! You can use it too!!

Iisolate your laggy servers!!