350+ Malphas runs, 15 evernights (even couple from Echo directly), 0 Genesis

This’s some kind of joke…
//Btw, buying igneous cores for 6m/each (hardcore)


You really have to be bored 350 runs… I wouldn’t do that even for moneys :smiley:

I would do it for 20$ an hour, if someone wants to pay me… but less than that, pass

Even with all those “duped” materials they sold you? Dang…

I will never understand why people waste game time trying to obtain something that will disappear in another month and a half.

It is comical to see people waste the time then come here to whine about it.

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Damn, 150 runs for me and not even Evernight and Genesis :rofl:

I’m pretty UUNNNNLUCKY i think :joy:

Oh wow. That’s crazy. I planned to give it 20 runs. After 12 I had both Evernight and Genesis and never went back in there. Not worth the time & effort to go beyond 20 runs for something that will go away, forever, after the season is over.