~20% damage reduction

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Maybe I am getting unlucky with some weird AoZ affixes I have not seen before, but I swear something got changed and it feels like the enemies deal more not less damage. I have been farming 12-15 before the patch and now they feel more difficult.

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Tier 12-15? Maybe you’re just unlucky. We’ll need more testing and feedback.

Yes 12-15 pre patch, almost never die within this range. Now there is something that is different, I am taking way more damage, even at 13.

well, id say the bloodseeker powers shifted a bit because there were 2 affixes removed, which leads to elemental affixes being more common on them.

That might be problematic for melee classes.

Id after all say its pretty fair, cause ranged classes had pretty much no serious counterplay on bloodseekers with supressor.

No, this is also based on the mobs pre-boss fight, the vampiric one was impossible to beat for me at 15 if it had range damage, and the bubble one was no issue and rare for my runs.

hmmm any chance you changed something on your gear? i cant say that the mobbs are an issue.

i dont run as high as you do tho, so it might be tier related.

I am still getting oneshot from pretty much everything in tier 1-2 while I can clear tier 100 nm dungeon easily, I will just take a break until season 3, not worth my time to waste on this, I play rogue, that dungeon is best for sorcs and barbs.


im guessing you use melted heart of selig. i am guessing because yes i have noticed a change as well. was much more survivable before hotfix and now not so much. ofcourse there could be something else.

I noticed something weird as well after the hotfix. On tiers 7 and 8, I just die suddenly from mobs as if there’s a hidden explosion. It’s not poison or fire. I got hit by Corpse Bows and I don’t die btw before and after hotfix.

Firewall Sorc btw.

I will be doing 20x T5 runs later to get more data.

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May just be random difficulty. I’ve logged some days and everything seems much harder than it was. Recently I logged in went to do some regular dungeons just to get them done, and I died twice and they were almost like running higher tier NM’s. I’m level 100 and had been doing tier 60’s NM’s with little problem I couldn’t even do tier 40’s and 50’s. Next night everything was back to normal. I’ve had it happen other times as well.

Could be they just try things without announcement and then revert.

Absolutely not. This update did nothing at all. Still 1-shotted from a completely different game.

The AoZ IS significantly easier now. Don’t really know all the details and still get oneshotted among other weird incidents. But, in general feels much easier.

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Are you a barb? If so maybe the reason is that the free affixes for barbs like vampiric and the buble are gone so you will get the overall tougher blood seekers.

Then you are not armor and resistance capped. Which is your fault not the dungeons.

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before the patch i was unable to clear t10 (tried around 100 times) after the patch it was WAY easier and i did it on my 2. try

For me it’s lightning obelisk. More than half a second between the posts and in as good as dead. It drains as fast as dot damage except it’s direct and you can see my HP disappear. Capped armor and resistances too. Those things are just way overturned and every AoZ I run has them in it.

Max armor and resistances isnt much, tou need damage reduction and health too.

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Druid with 22K health.

DR from elite 10% + an additional 20% when shapeshifting (shapeshifter build)

DR when fortified 22.2% + 10% from undaunted glyph

DR close 15.6%
DR distant 15.6%
Vigilance passive 15% DR
Hurricane DR 20%
Might aspect 20%

Overall the DR is pretty balanced and enemies don’t seem to hurt. Can take a couple corpse bows to the face and live. But .5 seconds in a poison pool or lightning obelisk and I’m toast. Poison rarely gets me, lightning obelisk on the other hand just wrecks me.

Those are all low single sources, you need to get some of you DR to higher numbers, the higher total single source your DR is it significantly reduces more damage like by 10s of thousands potentially.

For example I run

38% All dr
50% Close
40% Distant
38% fortification
43% low health + the vampire power for extra DR the less health you have.

You get the picture.

Try and avoid DR that involves you applying dots or conditions until you plus up on the others.

All of that said, poison is still overtuned and always has been. Blizzard needs to let the base for resistances be 75% instead of 70% thats would go a long way in fixing some spikey damage from elites.

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My rogue has felt awful for two patches now. Feels so much softer, attacks often not registering, I have to hit the input multiple times sometimes, combo points just straight up not doing anything. It’s just felt bad at times and I went back to my necro. It’s not a constant thing, but hitting poison imbue then basic attacking a few times to proc condemnation just to see no arrows come out but eat up combo points and a charge of poison imbue is rough.