Zunimassa rework please

I remember back in the day when this build was actually fun to play, now these days it’s very stressful because you need to use dagger of darts with it. I want blizzard to rework this set, and allow fetishes to deal more damage without the need to hit with mana spenders but instead commands the fetishes to attack the target of a mana spender. With this change you can relax and watch those fetishes do their thing which is very satisfying. Also rework gidbinn to instead increase the damage of melee attacking fetishes by XXX%, maybe 800% instead 450% for the Dagger of darts because melee fetishes attacks single targets and dagger of darts does line area of effect.

2: Fetishes now lasts forever and is commanded to attack the target of mana spender.
4: Gain a damage reduction of X% for each fetish you have alive.
6: Increase damage of all fetishes by xxxxx%.

I would like to see some replacement for Ornament bracers that reduce damage to some kind of passive one for Zunimassa build, or rework Belt of transcendence to give fetishes and you a damage resistance based on number of fetishes summoned.

Maybe a rework of Starmetal kukri
The target of melee fetishes takes 1% more damage for 5 seconds from fetishes. (Same as corpse spider belt.)

Wrote this really fast, so this is just an idea of it, with Blizzard’s minds, they can come up with even better. But it need to be a more relaxing build.

No, just no. There are enough “relaxing” builds already. Zuni doesn’t need to be one of them.

I’m a main WD player, one WD set to be rework (Jade ?!), ok, but no, I don’t want a relaxing build.

If I a play WD class since 10 years, it’s for is difficulty. Not a no brainer build.

Last season, 2 builds were in the S-tier (Zuni and Arachyr), this season, 3 builds are in the A-tier (Zuni, Arachyr, Mundu)).