Zuni suck balls very squishy!

After finding a primal dagger of darts, I tried playing Zuni.

Jezz, it is so squishy!

Kills faster though; but then dying much faster aint fun either.

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Zuni Darts is powerful but is indeed also super squishy. I think the general consensus is that it’s not recommended for casual players nor with low paragon. The survivability is just too atrocious.

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You might wanna try the LoD (or LoN) version of Dagger of Darts. Last time I tried it was a lot tankier but a few tiers lower in damage than Zuni

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Zuni is almost unplayable at low paragon. You have to rely on your spirit walk and grave injustice almost entirely to stay alive. Almost anything can 1 hit you and there isn’t that much you can do about it. It can be very powerful even at low level but it is difficult.

LoN/LoD dart docs can actually be pretty tanky and easy to play but they also don’t do anywhere near as much damage as Zuni.

What paragon would be ideal to run Zuni?

There isn’t really an “ideal” paragon level for Zuni. The higher the better. You can play Zuni at low level, but you won’t be able to survive without giving up some big damage buffs like Echoing Fury, Aughilds, CoE, and Squirts.

They just need to buff the 4 piece set bonus to work similar to the bracers for soul harvest. So that you don’t need all the fetishes alive in order to get all the mitigation. Make it non-linear, 10 fetish = 90% of the benefit, then only +1% per each additional fetish.

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