Zuni for Season 24?

Honestly, I’ll probably run a multitude of builds for the WD maybe even trying out some weird fetish-voodoo non Carnevil build just because of the last minute buff to sycophants.

But, Thinking about high-end I can actually see Zuni’s darts comparing in power with Dugu. It’ll just be more of a RGK than a TK. Trying to stay alive is going to feel like a rodent surviving a volcano though… lol but it’s different and that’s a good thing for diversity.

I was just thinking I might change up this time and give the Ethereals a chance. I had originally only thought of starting as barbarian but the WD Ethereal items are actually pretty good. So, maybe I’ll finally be able to use the fetishes like I’ve wanted.

Maybe I’ll go to my hybrid Big Bad Voodoo / Fetish Army construct.

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