Zombie Dog/Sacrife build

Having played many hours of the Old Zero Dog/Sacrife build with high attack speed, this build was fun, powerfull and different. I wish to see a new version of that again.
The build back then, was a close-combat-build. The new one is meant for a range-attack-build.

We already have some support legendary in Homunculus (spawn a zombie dog every 2 seconds) and Anessazi Edge (zombie dogs stunned enemies around them for 1,5 seconds) and Swap Land Waders (Sacrife deals xxx % damage to enemies affected with either Locust Swarm or Gasp of the Dead).
While Homumculus is selfexplaning and a need part to get the build running, Anesazi Edge is only meant for option.
This should be the weapon NEEDED to makes this build working as intented.
Maybe something like: You gain 10% damage and damages reduction for every Zombie dogs alive.
This way, we don’t need to use Lakumba’s bracer and Soul Harvester…and you need to think twice before Sacrife your zombie dogs.
Swamp land Waders is good the way they are, only concern is you NEED to use either Locust Swarm or Gasp of the Dead in this build.
Tall Man Finger is an option to this build and could be the reason you might want to go for a Single-damage build, instead of “Thrash-build”.
We still need a support legendary in this build and Visage of Giuya was the old NEEDED item to get Zero dog build working.
As of right now is absolute unusefull in anyway. So why not bring it back in a new way.

But I like to hear your idea to make Visage of Giuya powerfull for a Sacrife build with LoN rings.

You can use Carnevil with sacrifice right now and it would be way stronger than what you’re suggesting.

Dev management made targeted changes with ROS to kill 0-dog. I seriously doubt they will see the error of their ways and resurrect the build.

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Exactly what Wurger said. They went well out of their way to thoroughly kill the 0-dog build…it will not be back.

I no longer recall if they claimed “technical limitations” or “not intended, therefore not fun” as the reason. Either way, it was a great big NO.

I know this is a two year old post, but I actually recall the primary reason for killing the 0-dog build was due to the generation of heath globes being overly powerful and they wanted to remove that entire aspect from the game.

But then they went and gave that exact same thing later on to Necromancers with land of the dead and the consumption of corpses generating health globe drops with the passive for it.

Blizzard essentially killed the best WD build at the time in favor of the necro release.