zMonk legendary suggestion

Support Monk has been eclipsed by other builds for a while now, especially due to not being able to pixelpull and their damage amp being very low.

I’d like to suggest a legendary effect for them.
“Exploding palm now explodes x seconds after being applied, and makes all enemies hit by the explosion take x% increased damage for 15 seconds.”
The delay on the explosion is to separate them a bit from the DH amp, so you have to take some time before you can blow the pack up (and it gives you an incentive to create larger pulls while waiting for it to explode).

That way they don’t fall incredibly far behind when it comes to damage support, as they seem to be very lacking atm. You’d be able to choose between Monk for a bit more utility/survivability and the DH for a higher damage increase (if we don’t make the EP amp scale to 150%).

I’d like to see zMonk back to a more playable state than what they currently are, and this is my suggestion for it.

If they are doing damage, how is that 0 damage?

What do you mean by this?

The enemies hit by the monk would take X% increased damage, i.e. it’s not so the Monk can cause them lots of damage, it’s so the Monk debuffs the mobs it hits, enabling the heroes that are there to actually kill stuff to do so more effectively.

Ah, so then, in this case, it matters not whether the monk does damage, so it would need to be an effect that read “increased damage from any source” as most the effects that say “take increase damage” apply only to the one doing it (that is, if the monk hits, gets increased damage, the monk does more.)

A slight difference but rather significant. Thanks for clarifying.

This can be a great leap for Uliana but I don’t think it’s related to zdps as you wouldn’t want a debuff to end itself earlier than the default 9 seconds. By Gungdo Gear bracers legendary powers, Exploding Palm already chains, guaranteed explosion allow you to spread it so it’s pretty damaging. However I have another suggestion, just create a legendary with “Exploding Palm gains the Flesh is Weak rune” then you can easily spam Shocking Grasp as a zdps as it gonna arc to 15 yards to debuff every monster at range anyway. The item type you suggest directly caters to Uliana’s actually, not zdps spec entirely.

Here’s hoping for the next PTR patch I guess. There’s no way they’d make any last minute changes for Monk. There’s no way they forgot about Monks along this 2 weeks, they just neglected it.