Zei's stone of vengeance

It is interesting, I don’t seem to see any difference in damage with this Gem, as I notice no difference in damage output if I am right on top of the target or all the way across the map.

I am guessing as it becomes effective at the max range, the Gem, Bane of the Trapped loses its’ effectiveness at range. So, my guess is for both to be working, as optimally as possible, you need to be in the sweet spot of within the 15 yard range for Trapped and only really getting the Zei damage at the10 yard proc for Trapped to work at the same time.

I am probably wrong, in my analysis, but I just do not see very good synergy between these two gems. I am sure others may have a much better explanation of why, I see no effective damage output change no matter my range from the target.

If you’re using Zei’s in combination with something like Bane of the Trapped, then it is beneficial to use them with a skill or passive that slows monsters for you. For example Demon Hunter’s Thrill of the Hunt passive. The secondary on BotT is virtually unused for ranged builds if you play it in a conservative enough fashion.

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If you’re testing this on your wizard, it might be due to your passives rather than your gems. You have the one that increases damage when enemies are within 15 yards, and you have the one that increases damage when they’re 30+ yards away.

That gives you a deadzone range of 16-29 in which both passives are inactive entirely, and the rest of the time, only one or the other is active.

I’m not a wizard, err, wizard, so I don’t really have recommendations beyond perhaps not trying to juggle two disparate range req passives ON TOP of two disparate range req gems.

The gem combo is for the current Season 27 build of the Tal Rasha Wizard set Meteor Build. Seasonal Leaderboard is full of those using this.

Again, I’ve never rolled an end-game wizard so I could be off base. But maxroll seems to advise using Trapped, Esoteric, and Stricken if pushing GR’s. Additionally they seem to recommend a different passive loadout:


I just think it’s worth exploring the idea that perhaps your build isn’t quite as optimized as it could be, and this might not necessarily be due to those specific gems.

Couple things about Zei’s:

  1. The tooltip about range is actually slightly misleading. You always get the base buff at zero distance and full buff at 40+ yard distance.
  2. At rank 25+ it can stun enemies which in turn will proc Trapped.

I didn’t know that. I just assumed it only kicked in at a minimum of 10. Good to know, thank you sir!