"You cannot use that ability" channeling Tempest Rush

Any clues why I am getting this message while channeling Tempest Rush? It causes me to stall mid run, and if a pack is tossing fireballs at me death is pretty certain.

I think it has to do with the automatic Cyclone Explosion trigger, but can’t quite tell.

Has anyone experienced this oddity and figured out how to fix it?

No one? I am not running out of spirit, I am not showing any timers being open or in count down, just a very simple voice “you can’t do that” or some variation of the ability is not ready. Again, I am not spamming other actions or spell keys, simply holding down right mouse button where Tempest Rush is set.

That has been an issue for me in the past when using that ability on right mouse button…I switched to putting tempest rush on “1” key and just holding that down while moving mouse around without clicking to move char into stuff.
Put a barely used ability / buff like “mantra” on right mouse button

I suspected something like that, but requiring a key press breaks my lazy man’s one-handed game and interferes (conceptually) with hitting Blind at the right moment. That 1 second rule … but yeah, mouse refresh rate is much faster than the keyboard repeat rate.

And oddly, my WW Barb uses that same mouse button to spam WW, so why the Monk has issues and the not Barb, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Seems like it is a bug in the Monk.

tried doing that but when I hit 1 it does not remain channeling TR What I have noticed is that using the left mouse for TR I can remain channeling using the shift key. This still allows me to use 1 and 2 for blind and epiphany and go immediately back to channeling. SW is on the 4 with Myst ally on 3 (never touched).

The downside of this config…you need to lift off the shift key to pick stuff up, open doors, open chests, click pylons/shrines.

Bro you have to HOLD 1 key down…not HIT it…

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Using one hand, I can’t hold my mouse, manipulate its buttons, maintain its position in space, and click a key on the keyboard at the same time.

I haven’t been playing TR a lot lately but now it’s time to push and I keep having this happen as well. Didn’t have this issue before either.

yes I realize that. I was holding it. Tried using the 1 on the kb and the 1 on the KP confirming that num lock is on…neither allowed for continuous channeling.

Not using 1 hand rh for mouse left hand for kb.

Bro I do this every time I play TR…you hold down 1 key and you constantly channel TR…how is that such a huge issue for you? I don’t understand how your key binds are preventing the 1 key from continuous TR channel…this is ALWAYS the way I play.

Also, just logged in 2mins ago…held 1 key down with TR attached to that slot and like I said…“continuous channel of TR”… so you musta really screwed up some key bind on 1 key to make it not continuously channel.

If you want to be REALLY lazy then make sure NUM LOCK is OFF and the key bind for TR is one of the keys on the numpad…once that key’s bound…then activate TR with key on numpad then turn NUM LOCK ON…then release the key on numpad and you will continuously channel and won’t be able to stop, but you can still left click stuff off the ground as you’re running around. The only way to stop it is holding the key on numpad then turning NUM LOCK off.
You can use any key on numpad except 5, 0 (doesn’t work properly), num lock and enter

Also if not using NUM LOCK trick and you hold 1 key down to CHANNEL…and then click your left mouse button and hold that down…it stops channeling TR on 1 key because your holding down 2 different buttons, you don’t even have to click any mouse buttons to move around…just hold 1 KEY and BAM…use mouse to move around without clicking

Its a keyboard problem on my system…tried a new keyboard and it worked fine…just gotta get used to it

Lol – too funny. As I stated above, and which seems to go over the heads of avid thwack the keyboard as often as possible players: I use only ONE HAND when I am playing causally (aka, solo and not in a group farming or running higher grifts).

When I do play more aggressively, then, and only then, do I use my other hand for play.

You might ask why. Carpal Tunnel from too many years of using keyboards.

Since my keyboard of choice is a cheap wired Logitech, perhaps the problem is hardware. I’ll find one of my older wired keyboards and see if that helps.