Yellow Geared PvP - looking for people

Hi everyone !

im looking for some people to do some PVP with.

rules are pretty simple and to the point

  • Yellow gears only
  • regular gems ( no legendary gems )
  • no Kanai’s cube
  • no paragon ( except movement speed )

The Testing

a long while ago , ( about old forum kind of old lol ) , i had made some extensive testing about this with a player named Schyzo . we did a variety of build testing to see if anything would seem to break the game in term of balance.

  • thorn necro
  • various other Thorn buiilds
  • all out crusader
  • Life on Hit monk
  • vault focussed marauder
  • DoT Witch Doctor
  • Summon Witch doctor
  • glass canon Wizard

we definitely tested way more than just those but those were some of the builds we thought would maybe break the balance of the PvP we were aiming to achieve. the good results were that it didnt, none of them managed to become to overwhelming it couldnt be defeated . in some case the approach had to be changed , every build had a weakness that was exploitable.

no perfect gears

when doing that we found that there was no “perfect” way to gear up stat wise.
focusing on Crit + crit chance created mostly a glass canon build , which can sound great on paper however it leaves the player highly vulnerable when on CD.

same applied for heavy focus on vit, int , dex, str . some of the other effects ended up beign quite useful because we were dealing with smaller numbers overall, in some case droppping that extra strenght proved to be usefull to get that extra life on hit or life regen .

a stat that proved to be quite important that none of us anticipated were the “reduced imparing effect” . since there are many stuns available , those proved to be super helpful and prevented many stun locks.

chance to inflict bleed : that is actually useful in this context now lol.

new skills and passives

due to the fact that the goal were no longer the same focus, this gave rise to the opportunity to use many skills and passives that would other wise not be viable.

for example, blood-thirst would provide very minimal heal bonus in normal situation but in these scenarios , it proved to be a pretty convenient passive to use.

same for Ancient spear + Rage Flip. if you hit your target , you drag them and flip them behind you, this was great when dealing with fleeing targets are depending of you .


depending how you decide to specialize your characters, a solid stat average could play around the following .

Damage : 500K
Toughness : 9M

in some cases i made characters with stats below those that still ended up being viable since they focused on other area . so its definitely not end of the world if the stats arent of your build happen to be lower then the one mentioned earlier.

The Gems/weapon sockets

Emeralds : are no longer the kings of the sockets for weapons.
unless focusing on crit ,emeralds wont always be the better solution.
not saying you cant use them if you dont focus on crit , but you wont be depending on them anymore.

Rubies : since we are dealing with smaller numbers , the base damage rubies offer is quite significant in dealing good base damage !

Amethysts : if you happen to have a fast hitter like a demon hunter or a monk ( or any character with high attack speed ) this can easily end up being a great gem to use to get good life on hit back ! even in regular armors, they can still provide a substantial boost in HP too .

Diamonds : since other players are considered “Elite” the bonus damage to elite will kick in and can allow some pretty good damage buff !
as for the resist , again, if you feel your character could need some extra suitability, putting some in your armor will definitely be noticeable.

Topaz : the thorn is pretty useful for thorn builds , but doesnt make things overwhelming, however it can prove problematic if your build focuses on many small hits, but can be worked around quite effectively by switching to skills with higher damage per hit.

Craft your own Yellows

i noticed that for some reason, yellow gears from drops tend to have 3-4 effects but if you craft them , you should always have all 6 effects. making much more reliable and efficient gears.

fight time and score

with these parameters between the players, each fight / kills can go anywhere from 5 seconds -30 seconds . ive experimented some really good exchanges were we fought for almost a full minute before someone died because . so the over fight time is definitely much more entertaining !

scoring : scoring would be based on a Best of 19, ( first to 10 kills wins )
the total match time can range between 5 minutes - 10 minutes .

Diablo 3 Brawl channel
my goal is to later make some videos about this and post them up on a YT channel i made specially for this. the channel is currently empty but if we get enough interest in trying this, i wish to post videos about it and go from there.

honestly , its just a little something i’d like to try for fun .
i thought of doing this a while ago, but never really went through it with completly , but now i felt would be a good time to revive the project and see how it goes . if it works and we get people watching , good for everyone invovled ! but its just a channel i thought of doing for fun related to this.

for anyone interested in giving this a try ,
feel free to add me Myself#1883 .


While it’s been a loooong time since I’ve seen PVP in D3, doing an all yellow setup has been shown to introduce stalemates. According to your rules, I theory crafted a setup that would be next to impossible (if not completely impossible) to kill:

The idea would be that this DH setup would just set up a tank spot and regenerate over 200k life/second (not including life per hit or smokescreen healing vapors) with a toughness of about 67M not including the Numbing Traps debuff applied to enemies. While the damage on the build is quite low (140k dps), it can be easily modified to do about double damage with very little toughness loss.

This build would basically stalemate or beat any other build leading to the opponent to set up a stalemate. Thus the games would become very boring very quickly.

Going a step further into all blues or white armor will remove the stalemate but make the games very boring as well as there is basically nothing to customize. One might as well play a different game at that point since these characters would be so much slower and less fun to play as everyone is used to in PVE content.

If you insist on doing yellow-only PVP, you likely won’t find many players as almost no one is interested in crafting junk gear for a junk PVP experience lol. Also, there would be “cheaters” who would enable paragon or the like to ruin the experience for everyone else. There are just no viable ways to make PVP accessible, fun, and fair at the same time in D3 unfortunately. Best wait for D4.

Good luck, but I suspect you’re beating a dead horse at this point.

I buried that horse already. I’m waiting for its carcass to fertilize the ground so that the D4 PVP tree can grow strong in that soil.