Yards not counting in monk skills at set dungeons

So I got into set dungeon achievement. Previously have done all the Demon Hunter set dungeons without problems. Moved onto Monk class set dungeons however i encountered few problems with skills that make a set dungeon impossible to complete.

In Innas Mantra set dungeons it is requiered to activate the Mystic ally within 10 yards though when trying to activate it within which is far cleary 10 yards it for some reason does not count. Instead it counts only when close right next to the enemy.
The same applies in Ulianas Stratagem set dungeons to Expolding Palm with Shocking Crasp rune. It is said in rune description that ‘‘Exploding Palm arc up to 15 yards to another enemy’’, though such is not case. Again the enemy has to be right next to the player.
So either i don’t understand what yards mean in Diablo 3 or yards are as they are and the whole in-game is simply gigantic for 15 yards to count as one.

Yards in D3 are not quite to the scale you’d think they’d be. Your toon is about 10 yards tall. So yeah, it would feel like you have to be on top of them for it to count.

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Thats simply ridicolous from developers. The character would be 10 yards tall, not to mention all the buildings. A f**ng Jack and the Beanstalk case this game is. :exploding_head: