Yah i think im quitting s25 now. Can't catch the exploiters


Does the tree count as a foundation? I’d say no but willing to be wrong :smiley:

I think we’d have to do some root cause analysis to confirm.


Ba dum dum tish!

As a fan of puns and dad jokes, hats off to you sir.

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A foundation is below the ground or a support… a hull goes below water level and trailer stands go into the ground, both are supports. But yea it’s fine lol.

It is now my life goal to find a way to build a house with no foundation, just to that I can empirically state that this is wrong:

Very petty motivation but if we get anti gravity technology out of it, I’d say it’s worth it!

The International Space Station? Temporary home but…


Oh my goodness, thank you!

Now I don’t have to work on this stupid anti grav project anymore!

You too Meteor, appreciate the save there guys!

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But then how will the kids get their Hoverboards (real ones like Back to the Future, not current Amazon ones)?

Ha! I’m an old man, I’d just end up yelling: “You kids get your hover boards off my lawn!”


Wait another 38,000 years or so until the Imperium has access to STC patterns for Suspensor technology. By the time of the Emperor upon his golden throen, post Horus Heresy, and in the times where humanity is fighting off the forces of the Orcs, Eldar, Necrons, Tau, Chaos and Tyranids, the OP still won’t have actually quit D3 yet.


be nice to yourself…please!

Yes you should, If you didn’t come here spewing your hate and toxicity, the toxicity in this place would plummet
Complains about hatred and toxicty when he piles on hate and toxicity on someone that likes playing WD
Whinges and complains that he isn’t allowed to have fun his way and then comes done with hate because someone has fun playing WD

You want to have fun playing whatever character go right ahead but please follow your own advise and stop hating on everyone else


I worked for GW for 7 years :smiley:
This post makes me the most happy.


For The EMPEROR!!!

One possible way to keep getting on the leaderboard is to not quit the season…

By the way, you’ll notice that WW/Rend Barb (which, according to you is the only thing I play or know about) sure does look a lot like an Impale DH.


Or you play an unpopular class. I stopped playing my Necro for like 2 or 3 weeks now and I’m still on 400something on overall necro leaderboard.

Ya, OP should’ve started whit a WD, because that class is “the worst” (quote by OP) so they could dominate that LB. Guess Babyta is to busy quiting, while throwing a hissy fit.

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WD made the best challenge rift of all time this week :smiley:

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On NA, you should’ve added that :wink:

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A houseboat with no foundation is called salvage or flotsam. A motor home has leveling supports, wheels as well as its own internal structure to give foundational support. While a tree house utilizes a tree, it still has a foundation rooted in its flooring and walls. Everything has a foundation.

As far as leaderboards I pretty much play console only as pc has too much lag to be enjoyable…and joypad makes it much easier to maneuver…As far as exploits and leaderboards go both PC and console share those issues. Botting seems to be more PC, but consoles have save editing and selling and of course modded gear that does millions of damage as a base.

In spite of all of that, my hardcore monk is in the top 1000… yes the top 50-75 slots are all modded gear or obvious exploits…gr 150 in < 45 sec come on get real. The first real looking time and gear was GR 144 14 min and change. (ps4)

I pity those that feel they need to bot, use exploits, mod their gear, use THUD or other map hacking software and can’t just sit down and enjoy playing the game with their own abilities and skill.

My main competition is always with my performance the previous season. did I do better or worse…how fast did I complete the same rifts and at what paragon levels.

The leaderboards seem to only look at time but consider this paragon 2500 completes GR 145 in 10min…another paragon 1450 completes the same rift in 11min…Which player is better or at least did better. IMHO the lower P level completing the same rift level is better regardless of time.