Yah i think im quitting s25 now. Can't catch the exploiters

I have to give OP some props. Yes he’s a provocateur to be sure, but he does have some of the highest viewed posts in these forum. People just can’t let his threads die. He knows how to be provocative and pull on people’s strings. He also knows how to bump his posts. In that aspect, he’s a genius!


Ah yeah, there’s no arguing that. But I think that’s more a symptom of how little happens around here nowadays. I don’t think he could survive in a forum that actually has traffic from a game that’s not in maintenance mode.


I’m not a troll

See before i quit wow i was a community leader and offered Green MVP several times, but i declined since i was semi-pro at the time and competing for World Firsts.

You are absolutely correct. My apologies. I changed my post to a more applicable term.


I would agree that you’re not a troll. And I for one enjoy your presence on this forum. (though I disagree with like 97.38% of what you post.)

I would ask that you reflect a bit on calling people toxic or bullies. Those words get thrown around a lot. Playing the victim is not a good look on you, I believe you are or can be better than that.

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You’re just one letter out…

Genius (noun) very smart or talented person : a person who has a level of talent or intelligence that is very rare or remarkable

Genious: ??? Meaning of Genious? Genious is often a misspelling or the obsolete way of spelling “Genius”.

That’s the joke really.

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I 'm sorry Azrok, I don’t really get the joke.

He’s a genius who can’t spell the word genius. There’s not much to it really.

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The joke is that if he’s so smart, why can’t he spell genius properly?
It’s made even funnier when he’s also previously said…

Oh I got that. I just don’t think someone should use another person post to berate or chide another person. Especially when said person seems to have a love affair with attacking my posts.

Wow, way to miss the point.

I used your post as a comedic foil, a nominal “straight man” if you will, to show that whilst Bravata claims to be very smart, he’s also incapable of spelling genius properly, despite him having previously suggested he could teach Europeans how to use English. It’s called irony and the butt of the joke was him, not you.

Fair enough, but in the future I would appreciate if you don’t use my posts to make fun of someone else. Thanks

Hey! That’s me! Sweet.


Uh-oh, the “geniousity” is spreading…

Mine is backed up by years of testing :smiley:

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Why does everyone want to be a genius

Being a dumb fug is much better, we don’t feel pain because we literally forget we got hurt

Yeah I failed mine. Like they say here in the South, “I had to take the short bus to school.” Not sure how many people have heard the term though. :rofl:

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Because then we’d be smart enough to work out how to quit without quitting.

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