Xbox Series X achievement issue

Hello. I played it on Xbox series X, backward capability from Xbox One and sometime stop game without exiting using Quick Resume and unfortunately got the bug that I finished the game, but didn’t get achievement for chapter 3.

Xbox stats shows that I done only 85% of this chapter. If needs I have a screenshot as a proof.

How to fix it and got this achievement without replay the game?

Hi!, I have had the same issue with xbox one. To resolve it, you need to do these steps:

  • delete your game data from your console (NOT every where) and don’t touch the data cloud.
  • go to diablo 3
  • create new character
  • go offline while you are in the menu
  • start the game
  • complete the act 3 and play untill you unlock the first area in the 4th act (check if the game give you all points of the feast of the act 3 and the first point for the feast of 4th act)
  • return online
    Returning online the achivement will pop.
    To not restart all game, you need a friend with another profile in the same console, who is at the end of the act 2. The best option is to start from the boss of act 2.

This method also works properly with another achivement of the necromancer regarding bones armor