Xbox one achievements not unlocking

Hello. Ihave diablo 3 for xbox one. Ive been playing since the 360 release day 1 for both copies and have played on and offline. Ihave recently picked it back up and while achievement hunting noticed ihave several that seem stuck or just never unlocked. Although iwas able to unlock 2 ihadnt tried to unlock before. Itried new character even deleting n recovering account but no luck.
These are the achievements ¦
batting 500,
terror in the blood,
skeleton crew,
up all night toget lucky,
above and beyond,
ifeel so enchanting,
the silence when you speak,
serve the balance,
bringer of order,
what is dead can sometimes die,
and game of bones.
I would like to be able to earn rewards myself and not beg for modded gear. Ive contacted ms and blizz support and have been sent here. Hopefully someone has a fix for this other than a full restart from scratch where i lose everything.

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I am on a PS4. The Terror in the blood challenge registered on the PS4 trophie thing, but not in the game so I cant get my wings. :frowning: it wont unlock again either

Same Problem with batting 500

What Is Dead Can Sometimes Die Achievement is completed in-game but won’t unlock for me on Xbox one edition

Still not resolved :frowning:

Getting necro wings requires you to complete all necro achievents including 2 you can only earn from act 5 in campaign mode.

This achievement is bugged on Playstation - have met the requirements multiple times on different characters - neither the ingame achievement or the trophy pop.

They need to fix this. Although I’ve read articles from years ago stating this was an issue.