Xbox 360 version

Is there a place with the drop rates for keys and caches for the torment levels and anything else helpful.
So much info out there that does not pertain to my situation.

Correct because the 360 version was not updated after patch 2.0.6 (I think). You’re playing a very old version of the game there. The general rule of thumb here is to do the highest difficulty that you can do efficiently to farm to maximize your chances.

So in the XB360 version of the UEE, is there or is there not a Kanai’s cube? I’m unable to find the Ruins of Sescheron. Also are keywardens random because I’m not seeing the key icon near any of the areas on any given maps. I’ve went to Torment IV looking for keywardens with no success.

The x360 version is only updated to 2.06a. So no kanai cube, no greater rifts IIRC, no key icons for wardens.

But there are wardens? Are they in random areas or are they in the same places as XB1 and PC versions?

IIRC they should be in the same place.

I found another topic where I answered something similar last year for someone else on 360

Once you are at Level 70, you will want to go to the following locations

  • The [Key of Bones] may drop from [Odeg the Keywarden] in Act I - [Fields of Misery]
  • The [Key of Gluttony] may drop from [Sokahr the Keywarden]in Act II - [Dahlgur Oasis].
  • The [Key of War] may drop from [Xah’Rith the Keywarden] in Act III - [Stonefort].
  • The [Key of Evil] may drop from [Nekarat the Keywarden in] Act IV - [Silver Spire Level 1]

Upon getting the Keys from each Keywarden, you can then make 1 infernal Machine. Rinse and repeat until you have all the infernal machines to open the portals to get the items needed to make the Hellfire Ring.

Drop rates are 25% at T1 to 50% at T6.
So if you are able to do T6 comfortably to fight the keywardens, that is your best chance to get the infernal keys to make the machines.

Hey Eddie, thanks for the details! I just made lvl 70 (2 Paragon) and haven’t looked for keywardens yet. I did look for them when I finished the campaign when I was at lvl 66. I’ll look for them tomorrow. I can barely keep my eyes open right now! Thanks again!

That explains why you weren’t seeing them lol… you weren’t level 70 yet.

WOW! I bumped up to Torment 1. I went to the Fields Of Misery. I found Odeg. I died! Heck, I was having a tough time just taking out non-elite scavengers! At least I know the wardens are out there! I backed down to hard dif. and will work my way up from there. WHEW!!! I think I’m getting an arthritic cramp in my left thumb and definitely a blister on my right! Oh the sacrifices we make for advancement!!