WTH Blizzard? Why did you mangle Natalya?

If you’re going to make a change that big to a beloved set, why not just make a new set? GoD was a good idea. Make a NEW set for Spike Trap!! Natalya’s set was my favorite build for my favorite character I’ve been playing for ten years! I spent 10 years perfecting my build, just for Blizzard to throw it all away. This season it’s GoD, no set dungeon, so naïve little me works her butt off to build my Nat’s set so I can do that set dungeon only to get an extremely RUDE wake up call. WTH is this bullcrap? The other sets and other classes get small changes and adjustments to what the abilities do but you change her set COMPLETELY? Give us a new set for spike trap and put Natalya’s back the way it was! This is garbage! Where do we even use our rain or rapid fire anymore? You wanted it to be different from GoD and move it away from Strafe? You didn’t have to use strafe with Nat’s, I never did. It was flexible like that. You could customize it. Idk what this mess you made of her is but I don’t even want to bother trying. You already buggered releasing D2, just slapped some paint on it but didn’t do any major fixes, still have all the old frustrations from 20 years ago -not even worth the $25 I spent on it. And now you’re messing with D3 like this? Makes me not want to play anymore OR buy D4. Do better.


Natalya 6p bounus 10000%→15000% solve all problem.
The bug of lighting rune of Spike Trap (4P pull and 6P can not gain the 25% damage stack bounus)should be fixed.
The Natalya 4p modality of pull is inefficient,we need it just like the Vacuum Rune of Condemn.

I now only login to D3 once in a blue moon (roughly once every 1-2 months), and when I did so just now, I immediately went into an empowered Greater Rift Level 85 (Torment XVI) for a quick speed run–& was unpleasantly surprised to immediately die multiple times to the most basic peon minions, none of which I could even start to kill! :open_mouth: Did Blizzard buff all the minions or something?

After realizing I wasn’t going to complete this GR in time, I closed it down & dropped the difficulty down to Level 75 (& didn’t empower it; no point in potentially throwing away millions in gold). Same thing, couldn’t kill a bloody thing.

Then I realized the set bonuses for Natalya’s had been completely reworked around Spike Trap?!

So I wholeheartedly concur w/ your sentiment that Blizzard should have just made a new set instead of messing around with the Rain of Vengeance-focused Natalya’s set. I wasn’t even using a Strafe build either; instead, I was running a Natalya 6-piece/Marauder 4-piece hybrid Demon Hunter that focused on pets, sentries, cluster arrow, and RoV. Now my entire build is non-existent. :frowning:

So I definitely agree with you that Natalya’s should be restored to it’s previous RoV-focused set bonuses, as opposed to a Spike Trap one! :frowning:

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