Wrong diacritic in chat (Czech keyboard)


I have an issue with Czech font in in game chat. I have three PC computers with OS Windows 10 (MS W 10 Pro 10.0.19045) English version but I use Czech language keyboard on them. In all Blizzard games like D2, D4, Hots and others I can use my Czech keyboard without any issue but not in Diablo 3. In Diablo 3 my chars in chat window are not correct. When I type e.g. character “ř” I get “ø” instead. I tried everything in game options and in operating system option even I installed Czech language pack into the system, reinstall diablo 3 many times but no success. I repeat again all other games from Blizzard are good but not Diablo 3.

Wrong in D3:

Correct in other games e.g. D4:

Unfortunately I can’t attach DxDiag or MSInfo. I can cooperate to resolve that e.g. on email

Your support sent me here… ( Game Master Ixzal here and sorry about this problem with Czech characters in Diablo 3… … in this case, it would be best to report the problem on the Diablo 3 forums)

Can you help me about that somehow?
Best Regards

You may want to move this thread to the Technical Support forum. You’ll have better luck getting Blizzard help there. Plus, since it’s hardware related, it may be more of a technical issue than a game bug.

There’s two ways you can do this. The easiest way is to save your DxDiag and MSInfo logs to your computer. Open one of the files and Select All. Copy it to your clipboard. In your post, type 3 tilde signs, press Enter, paste your clipboard, press Enter and type 3 more tilde signs. This will post your wall-of-text information inside a scrolling text box for the Devs to review.

Like this:

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Hey Perusoe,

thank you for your advises but I’m not sure about forum section because reply in support ticket mentioned exactly link to this section and this is definitely not a hardware bug. Czech keyboard means keyboard layout (software encoding) / I’m pretty software engineer / developer so I think I know what about it is. In the meanwhile I found few Czech friend they have the same issue (they are all on D4 so they didn’t realize D3 started to has this issue)

Anyway I find a workaround how to resolve that by change Operating System settings. I’ll post it here later (Sunday or so) with screenshots (If you mind re-post them again please).

But definitely this is wrong approach in D3 of use probably (“_get_locale” function). Evidently, all other games (tested in D2, D4, Hots, SC, SC2 and HS) from the company handle it better and have no issue with correct encoding / keyboard layout if “nation environment” in Operating system doesn’t correspond with keyboard layout.