(WPG) Wasted Prodigy Gamers NA EST Looking for players!

                           **Wasted Prodigy Gamers**

Hey there, Im looking for awesome gamers like you to join our awesome team. Right now we are small. But i hope that we can grow a bigger community. We do play mixer of games. Not just diablo 3. But i do want to gain more Diablo members in our team. I want to find gamers that wont start any type of drama and looking for some fun. So please take a moment to read over what im looking for.

                          **What are we looking for?**

Im looking for active players who wants to join an active team And can help make this possible. Im looking for members who would love to help recruit and help us grow our awesome community. So here’s What im looking for in order to join us.

  1. Must be age 18+

  2. Must have a Mic.

  3. Join our Guilded please. We do have Discord. But we like to use Guilded as it offers more features that best fit our community. To join guilded add me on Discord so i can send link. Ninjas Dynasty#9956

  4. Have no issues following Team rules. I know its a drag. :fearful: But i want to make sure we have the best team that you deserve.

  5. Most of all have fun! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

                                 **My Goal**

My goal is to bring gamers together. To find a Fun, Friendly, Family Environment. Where we can become more then just gamers. A safe place where you can find other gamers like you. Who shares the same interest and always have someone to play with.

                           **Are you a streamer?**

Im looking for streamers who wants to partner up with each other and help each other grow our streams. It will help grow our traffic more. So with me you will be featured on our Guilded when you stream. and will alert those who follow you when you are live, got donations, bits, raids and so on. You will also be added to my website to grow traffic more.