Would it be possible to make Nat's a meta BK this season?

I was thinking today, since Nat’s seems really quick on GRift Guardians, killing a 150 GRift Guardian in just over a minute with around 2750 paragon in solo, that it would make a decent BK in groups.

I was thinking you’d use both Nat’s Ring and Slayer with Captain Crimson’s and Aughild’s and CoE and Squirt’s along with Gloves of Worship for perma Vengeance. Unfortunately, it would probably take fishing for Empowered Shrine effect to start or at least hope for one somewhere along in the GRift.

It’s just that the build is just so damn quick on the Guardian. But I guess there’s just too many moving parts for it to really work.

Or could it?

Would it work? Sure, it’s S28, everything works.

Can it compete with tal rasha or army of the dead? No way.