Won Khim Lau question

Hey, a question…

If you got a WKL, an ancient one, with lets say 550 affic bonus, and then a non acient one with lets say 590 bonus, wich one would be best to use?

The ancient one for a higher damage roll or is it better to go for the higher affics bonus?

Usualy the legendary effect is regarded higher as the base damage.

Multiply the average of the non ancient by the legendary power and compare the same for the ancient and it’s legendary power. The higher one will be better on average. Also is your other weapon an ancient? Tempest Rush alternates which hand is the active for damage ticks and if using Flurry it is better that both weapons be ancient so that the detonation when you stop channeling is calculated with an ancient damage range.

Well its like this

the WKL is ancient with 24% lightning and 575% bonus
the non ancient is 21% lightning and 598% bonus.

for the off hand i us a non ancient Vengeful wind with 796% bonus

divide 6.98/6.75 and you know how much better the non anc is for tr. easy.

Legend bonuses are not that far off and ancients can be enchanted with more dex for even more power to make up the difference…plus higher base dmg…I’d stick with ancient IMO

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How much does the %lightning factor in? Isn’t it really (6.98 * 1.21) vs (6.75 * 1.24)?

(I guess it depends on whether you use Flurry or the Electric rune)

Obviously there is no set answer but the base dmg of our weapons are generally more important than flavor text up to a certain % because our dmg initially from our base weapon damage. You’ll have to look at the difference in weapon damage.

As for the offhand generally always ignore the vengeful wind flavor text, as vengeful wind is a teeny tiny portion of our dps and should not be considered when making weapon choices as damage/cdr/rcr/ad (based on spec) will be more impactful to your gameplay.

To accurately compare weapon statistics such as these, you need to take the base damage of the weapons into account. There are two significant factors here. The first is that ancient weapons usually have a much higher base damage, which is the reason the ancient is probably better. The second factor is that if you are running flurry as your TR rune, then the lightning damage bonus of WKL is irrelevant as you are not dealing lightning damage. So to determine exactly how much better the ancient is we would have to know the base damage of both.

highest percent bonus wins

It’s people like this that don’t even bother trying to understand game mechanics.

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so you are telling me that you will pick the ancient regardless of the fact it’s probably 150 percent to 200 percent less power on tempest rush with cyclone in favor of a non ancient bonus power with near perfect bonus power? Well I salvaged the ancient just because it had 455 percent bonus power to cyclone strike and tempest rush once and I’ll do it again till the ancient matches what I got of 585 percent in non ancient.

If you have a wkl with 600% bonus and one with 580% but also with cdr and ad and loh rollable, the other has dex, vit and % dmg, which one to use?
of course the 580! Why? The additional dmg of the Effect are round about 3% whereas the AD gives you so much dmg + the cdr with cc set (ok, not 10% since its mechanic of multiplication but still some amount). LoH or rcr are stats that help to survive. Simple.

The base damage of the weapons make a HUGE impact on your multipliers which WKL will amplify. How the heck do you see 575/598 as a 200% difference is beyond me.

Let me ask you something, if you have a WKL with 600% bonus and 900-1200 holy dmg VS a WKL with 550% and 1560-1940 dmg, which one would you take ?