Won Khim Lau has one useless attribute

It always roll with “Lightning skills deal more damage”, yet the only builds that can potentially use this weapon is Tempest Rush Flurry rune for GR runs, or Tail Wind for Speed Rifts. Both are not Lightning types.

Cyclone Strike? So why bother?

Please just remove the Lightning bonus and replace it with something useful like CDR, RCR, AD, IAS…

You don’t right. 20_characters_placeholder

We will see once we get balance to it. PoJ still needs a power adjustment and that will determine the usefulness of the lightning damage affix.

They could just give it the same treatment as Gesture of Orpheus. It used to always roll with arcane damage, but they changed it to be able to roll with any of the 4 wizard elements.

They could do the same thing to WKL, change it so that it can roll any of the monk elements instead of just lightning.

I used Lightning PoJ for speed farming last season. I’ve never used the Tailwind rune, Lightning had plenty of damage and took advantage of the native Lightning damage. I do wish that you could roll the lightning damage to a different stat or at the very least a different monk element.

Just like HPS too… Yet still it was a pain to get the element right and DH/WIz got only 4 elements to roll. Monk has 5 (holy, physical, cold, fire, lightning)

Nonetheless, I would take it (1 in 5 chances of getting a correct roll), than having no chance at all but with the ability to enchant it for a different element/attribute.

they should change all these issues for all classes . always need cold element…Why ??
they can make light for stun chance . cold for chill / freeze . fire for burning effect. etc…
add after effect trigger cesar memontor instead of Only freeze / stun / blind