WoL w Sanctified Rabid Strick causes extreme slow down

Main issue: Extremely slow reaction from the character and basically you are stuck/unable to move if surrounded by the WoL bells that are left behind from the Sanctified WoL bells. This only appears to happen while Epiphany(with Desert shroud) is on cooldown. It is very repeatable and I do have video linked below that I uploaded that shows it happening several times throughout. I have been able to see this only when fighting mobs - if you try it in town or away from anything else it doesn’t seem to happen.

Your gloves are the issue it appears…


To expand on Blackarrows’ info, see #18

If you activate Epiphany, I expect you’ll find the effect goes away…

Activiating epiphany doesn’t actually make the effect go away. (I wish it did) If you are slowed by Stone Guantlets, and you activate epiphany, you still have to wait for the timer on the negative effects to wear off. Not sure how long that is, but you are usually dead before it elapses, epiphany activated or not.

And here I thought I was using the magefist gloves for the extra fire dmg, not the stone gauntlets… thanks for pointing out my stupid mistake lol.
Serves me right for saving the wrong gear setup in the Armory closet :frowning: