Witch Doctor needs buffs, not nerfs

Couple builds got buffs, but then others get nerfs even though overall WD is still very weak?



They nerfed Zuni because of Carnevil and The Dagger of Darts. As I have stated before they should nerf the items causing problems not the entire set. Just look at the difference in pet damage from Zuni and Helltooth. 23 Fetishes do mondo damage and if 10 fire darts, well, it becomes a top contender.

But even then, it was still weak overall.

It makes no sense to nerf it.

Aughild zuni dart,it’s the most fragile gameplay in D3,to be honest,it needs a little buff not nerf.

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Last season there were only 3 players with 150 GR’s with Zuni. 2 used Aughild one didn’t. So I more than agree that Zuni needs a buff not a nerf. They need to take into account that all three had 4-5K paragon levels which helps. It is a shame that they nerf the entire set because of one certain build.

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What comes to my mind is that the newly buffed Helltooth also increases primary skill damage. And both CS and DoD are primary skills. Maybe a new build will emerge? Helltooth spiders? Or Helltooth Dart? Did anyone test it?

WD must be kept at the bottom :smiley:

The primary skills increased in the 6 P helltooth set are that pets like Fetishes cannot enjoy damage enhancement.That is to say, helltooth dart did not cause any damage.

They should have buffed more stuff I agree. I just wanna play a Firebats build again but it’s been bad for 10 seasons. Maybe with the helltooth buff?