Witch Doctor Manajuma/Arachyr build, which shard to use?

Preface: I know it’s not ‘meta’ but it’s the build I enjoy.

Been doing some theorycrafting this season and I have hit a wall. Sometimes literally. Which of the seasonal shards do you think would be best for an Angry Chicken build? Do the mini chickens count as pet damage or are you considered the damage source?

Note: The link says “Season 29”, but the guide is actually for Season 30.

I’m not very familiar with the Witch Doctor. But, Maxroll’s guide should explain it.

maxroll is terrible for guides now.

chicken uses Essence of Anguish and the
When you kill an enemy, you deal the damage done by the death blow to all enemies within 25 yards. Pets and Followers cannot trigger this effect.


The chickens from the set aren’t pets. The use of Enforcer is explained in the link Perusoe provided you

Enforcer is strictly used for its secondary effect to make Fetishes survive long enough to get the damage buff from Cluckeye.

So level 25 is enough

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