Wings and other Cosmetics

My old D3 account hasn’t been used anymore for so long, that my Email adress of this account got deleted. Now I can’t play or even log in on this acc. But it‘s fine, cause I bought the game as a new, again with all the goodies. I even received the set potal wings on my new acc and started farming the cosmic wings.
Things that I’m missing though are my old cosmetics, like the golden Imperius like RoS Wings for example. I contacted the Support and asked if they could transfer my cosmetics from the old acc to my new one, but they were not able to do this for me… I request help, help of the dev‘s that are specialised in those player issues.
Please, revive my RoS Wings :crossed_fingers:t2:

a cosmetic enthusiast

If you opened a support ticket, and they couldn’t determine for sure that you were the owner of the older account, they wouldn’t transfer things off it to another account. Anyway, if a Games Master said no, you either need to accept that, or escalate the ticket, because this isn’t something that’s going to get solved on the forums as it relates to account ownership.

The Support told me that they are not able to transfer such cosmetics and that if they would be, they would have done so happily. It looks like, they can‘t mingle as much with changes of the game as they want to. It was even suggested by the support, that I should voice my problems into the forums, so that a dev, who would be able to do me the favor, could help me.
That my old acc belongs to me was probably made clear enough. Told them the email, pw and the problems i have with the Account. If they just aren‘t sure about my ownership, I would be blessed, because I know certainly enough of my old acc to prove my ownership over it, but that’s seemingly and sadly not the problem.