Windows 10 is blocking Diablo 2 installer?

I still have the original disc version of Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction. Since my new computer has no disc drive anymore, I looked up if I could add the CD key to my Blizzard account and I found a way to do it from the account page. Now I can download an installer that installs the game but if I try to run it, Windows says it blocked the app because it is unsecure (or a virus?).

What can I do now?

Allow it to download the app. There is no virus. It does that, I think, because the app is downloaded with BitTorrent, if I remember correctly.

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But won’t my anti virus Program (the standard one from microsoft in windows 10) freak out constantly if I let it download anyway? Or will it not detect anything once the game is installed?
I don’t really want to have to turn off my anti virus program every time I play Diablo

Once you allow it to download it’ll all be fine. It may, the first time you launch the game, make a popup but just tell windows to accepted it and the problem will go away.

Also, when you get it going, do not join bnet with a vpn, you’ll be instantly banned for two weeks.

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OK thanks, I’ll try it!
I don’t use any VPN and don’t play online so I guess I will be fine.

You might want to download the latest patch by joining bnet, which is what the remaster is being made from. I think the version you’ll have from the downloaders is v1.14b, where as we are currently playing v1.14d. Either way, have fun.

If you really get into single player check out the website purediablo for it’s d2 single player forums, they have a lot of fun challenges one can try out. And there is also a muling program called GoMule that can help you transfer items from one character to another. Also check out The Arreat Summit for a game guide.

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Windows shows that message for any downloaded executable. If you downloaded it straight from, it’s safe to run it.

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Alright, thanks for all the information!

Out of curiosity, what’s the differance between the link you provided and the loader mentioned in op’s post?

It’s the same. He said he downloaded it from the Account page. What you download from there, is that old downloader that gets D2 and LoD version 1.12, I think