Will you pay a monthly fee?

You DON’T HAVE TO pay a sub. If you pay it, you’ll have access to any game, but if you’re just interested in one game, you CAN buy that one WHITOUT subing at all.


This is what I do not understand if we already have D3 and/or D2R will we need to pay for it again when MS takes over? Will we need to start all over? What will happen to our Battlenet accounts? :point_left:

I won’t pay for a game pass.

This MS buyout is a bit disturbing.


I really don’t want to give M$ any more money. This complicates my purchasing decisions.

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I don’t think so. I mean they bought the company because of the huge player base. If they charge us again for games we own long ago, that would create a huge out outrage, and loseing of many customers. I belive.


I can’t imagine anything positive (or negative) happening to D3 due to Microsoft. D3 is an old product of Blizzard that barely makes any revenue. They’ll be focusing on Diablo Immortal and D4.

Instead of eventually shutting down D3, I hope they make it free to play and add cosmetic micro-transactions like portraits, pets and wings to generate some revenue for them. I also hope that if (when) they deside not to update the game with any new season themes that they instead just patch the game backwards so we can replay older seasons with older patches (kinda like wow classic in a way). I’d love to play S18 thorns necromancer again. Have like a endless loop of replaying older seasons (starting from s18 for example) that end up to the newest current patch.

No, they didn’t just get bought out. There’s plans for it, but it has to be approved and if it is, it won’t be until sometime in '23. Lots can happen between now and then, including nothing.

People are fearmongering a bit. Of course you won’t have to pay for games you already bought.

Office through Gamepass… that would be amazing.

I don’t think they are going to try to charge us a fee for existing games we own. However, if they release D4 on game pass that is going to lead me in the direction of not buying it. Overwatch 2 is coming soon enough and putting that on G.P. could lead some to not pick it up. M$ is known for its greed. It isn’t known for caring about the customers. It would not matter what it gives away for free. So a bit of fear is healthy I would say; especially for those who are eagerly waiting for upcoming games like @Avalon, me, and so many others.

I never had a problem with MS and customer support is excellent in my opinion.

My comment isn’t about customer support. Its about how they approach and treat their customers. Stuff like anti-trust practices that erode/shrink customer choice. Stuff like Windows 10 telemetry. Stuff like windows 10 updates altering end-user settings, and when caught they programmatically revert those settings like that will restore the settings and trust. Even when they say they wouldn’t change end user settings through windows update going forward they do it again and again anyway. For example, I uninstall some software on Windows 10 that I’m never going to use to free up space and remove some unwanted services. The very next Windows update re-installs those packages with their defaults which guarantees those unwanted services will be loaded and running in the background. This forces the customer into a cat and mouse game of whack-a-mole to hunt and remove stuff after every single windows update which is forced upon the customer.

For some players getting rid of Bobby Kotick was some sort of blessing. Trading Kotick for M$ is not a blessing. M$ is worse.

Zero chance, considering I have exactly zero interest in ActiBlizzMS games other than D3/D4.

If they turn D4 into sub-based MMO/PoE/D2 hybrid, I wont be subscribing.

If D4 turns out to be more like D3 (rather than any of the above) and they will be releasing new content regularly, sign me up for that.

This is in regards to GP. You will not need to subscribe to GP to play any MS games. D4 will be no different.

Nothing they put on is malicious nor is it space consuming. Sure it’s probably creepy and seen as pervy to some but it won’t harm your pc (mines sexy). If you have to uninstall things to free up space then isn’t it time you spent some monies on your pc?

Software subscription does not equal quality content. -It’s a steady income for the companies yes, but I don’t like the idea of paying for something I’m not using. (except insurances)

A lot of people seem to be against a monthly fee, myself included, but I assume some will pay it at least in the few months after the D4 release. Now how long they will continue to pay is anyone’s guess.

If the monthly fee is as you said $9.99 a month and I don’t have buy the game, which would be typically around $70.00 dollars, that would give me 7 months worth of play time. After that, it would have to decide whether it’s still worth it.

Now if I had to buy the game and pay a monthly fee, that’s a non-starter.

Why, tho? Game pass is just a way of subbing to multiple games at a time. Every game that’s on game pass can be bought individualy.

Are all games on game pass ?

My thought is that Microsoft won’t put all games on the game pass. I think they will keep WOW and maybe Diablo as is.

Why would they put WOW on the game pass when they could earn 14 EUR / month by keeping WOW as it is?

Pretty much. Only sub based games seem to be kept out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Diablo 4 is available Day 1 on gamepass. But no game is gamepass exclusive, you can always buy it individualy if you want.

Just as a example, both Age of Empires and Halo Infinite were available on gamepass at day 1. Those are probably the most recent and relevant Microsoft games. They are also available on steam.

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If by “all games” you mean all new MS releases then afaik they all show up on GP day one. But yeah, WoW seems somewhat unlikely, unless 1) GP gets another tier, GP+ something, that includes it, or 2) MS decides WoW has no real future anyway.

Diablo seems guaranteed on Gamepass, it would be a big name to have there for MS, and it is the perfect type of game for Gamepass since it isn’t something you are meant to finish in 10 hour and move on. Seasons in D4 are now more guaranteed than ever before :confused: got to get you back to that subscription every month.

Though it needs to be repeated, you can still separately buy the game that are on GP. At least for now. I bet that might change some day.

Only risk I see for D4 is if you have to use the Xbox app to run the game, and battlenet isn’t an option. The app is simply terrible, if not outright useless. I sure don’t want to buy a game on a platform that might not work at all.

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