Will WKL work as well for S25?

So WKL was great for S24. Seemed to provide more reliable Ally explosions.
Can’t understand why it’s not being touted for S25.
Is Shenlongs that much better?

It wasn’t WKL that made the build viable, it was the Ethereal items. Shen Long’s is a big multiplier that is actually more powerful than the Ethereals were, but Ethereals were MUCH easier to manage. Don’t sleep on the Inna 6 Raiment 4 build either, with the pet gem soul shard, that build will be VERY good for T16 and bounties and even mid level GR’s.

Thanx for the reply Khord but it seemed easier to push higher in S24 with WKL+ Ethereal rather than the Crystal Fist + Ethereal. I thought maybe cyclone strike was more consistent off WKL ?
I used the Inna/Raiment build in S24 for bounties. Nice to see it getting a shard boost too.

WKL allowed much faster reset of the allies (if using Zodiac) so more dps overall plus free Cyclone Strike keeping the allies getting the BotLG buff. Without the buff from Ethereals, Shen Long will be the most dps available (especially since activating the allies fills your Spirit globe and procs Shen Long buff). The Daibo version (either the Raiment 4 Inna 6 or straight Inna 6 with Captain Crimson or Aughild’s) is a few GR’s behind Shen Long, but it will be stronger than it was in season 24 since that build didn’t get any boost from Ethereals since it used the set weapon.

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Thanx again. Will be interesting to see how NS plays too. :+1: :+1:

It sort of works, but not very well. I mainly played with Jade Talon, not Bartucs so this feedback might be overly critical of the resource issues:

  1. Take all of the resource reductions possible.
  2. Mixing WKL with Shenlong’s is just horrible, and nearly impossible to maintain the buff which disappears so quickly, Zodiac ticks were too slow.
  3. WKL+ Echoing Fury+Flying Dragon drained Spirit too quickly, and the damage didn’t compare.

It just didn’t feel right all around, then again all of my good gear was on Season. I’m willing to test it again.

Wkl was pairing with s24 ethereals. You either use shenlongs for push tier or ingeom+echoing fury on spd tiers.

Wkl is no longer needed for NS or s25

Thanx all. S24 dropped me a nice pair of Shenlongs. I tried them just before season closed & was pretty happy with how they worked even without augments. S25 should be a blast.

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