Will Poison/Corps Explosion Nova build work in large games?

Title says it all… been many years since i played, but i recall necro’s in general being a bit under whelming. Anyone know if psn nova/corpse exp will be any better this time around?

I never really needed to use corpse explosion with my psn nova. The nova melts everything that hits it’s just that the build is quiet expensive.

expensive as in items needed to make it good, or expensive as in mana? I have thought of making it my first char for D2R, however i dont want to be completely useless in a full game due to not doing any dps or assistance to the group.

Expensive as in items. I wouldn’t recommend it for your 1st char unless you don’t like to do mf runs. Every character has a different role. Necros are usually support type in a group game by lowering resistance and using corpse explosion occasionally. Most of the monsters will be killed by other players before you can cast psn nova.

ah ok, thanks! Maybe a pally will work out better… also thought of a wind druid, but have heard it is also a bit underwhelming with larger groups