Will Diablo 4 require AVX to run?

Depends on how they use AVX, does seem like a useful thing looking into it.

More then likely you’ll have to update for TPM 2.0

This exactly. In D2 Resurrected it clearly was not a true requirement to the game as it was removed thereafter and shortly after the release. I’m wondering if it’ll be the same as with D4. Hope we hear back soon, worse comes to worse we will know when the open beta hits and if needed, if they are capable of adjusting it thereafter.


Don’t you get massive CPU bottlenecks in modern games like that? Anyway, I agree that in theory, the AVX requirement should be nothing more than a compiler flag that can be removed for more compatibility. At the same time, those instructions exist for a reason, and there could potentially be a performance loss in machines that do support it, if compiling the game without them. It’s a complex matter imo.

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Not to mention even something like an i3-12100 will blow the doors off that cpu, while using less power, and can be had for about $100. Pair it with a cheap H610 motherboard and something like an AMD 6600 card and you have a decent 1080p machine for not much money.

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Bump - can a blue respond?


You’ll have better luck trying to get an answer from one on other social media sites given they all seem terrified to respond to anything here.

Just play the open beta. You’ll have your answer then. If the program doesn’t run on your PC, then you know it’s time to upgrade.

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No that wont mean anything

My friend could play the d2r beta just fine (beta didnt have avx)

Bought the game since it was running fine and couldnt play at launch

Dont remember how long it took them to take avx out

For the OP i think you can return the game so you can try that … though dont know how long it takes


i think by not responding, you got your answer.

biggest flop in gaming history, i am always right, except one time only.

Someone without AVX trying the beta and reporting here would still give a good idea if it could be somewhat possible like for D2R

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I’m still using an 975 Extreme so will know sometime after 9 AM. Although if it’s like 2077 at launch it took a particular area for the crash to happen, wasn’t instantly.


which means, little lady, you are not always right.

but I’ll throw you a box of expensive chocolates and a dozen roses to take you out for dinner, sweetie cakes.

how’s it looking?? any luck?

Massive memory leak then a crash when get to character creation, then hour plus waits to try again…

FWIW were few other posters saying game was working with a 920 CPU, so AVX doesn’t seem to be required.


Thanks for letting me know, good news on that front, too bad about the memory leak and crash though. I’m tempted to try soon, older processor as well but rest of rig is fine and is in line with recommended

FWIW cleanmem has managed to keep the leak under control for now. I set it with an ‘include only’ list of the two Diablo 4 processes. When at the queue screen it would climb from 3-5 GB, after installing it dropped it to 43 MB since the game really isn’t running at that point. With low settings the game is running at ~3 GB now Vs the 14+ GB it hit as soon as I made it to the character creation screen followed by a crash.

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Great to know. Thanks for the update as well as the resource. Going to give it a shot sometime very soon.

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I can confirm that I am playing on an i7 920 that is not avx compliant and the game is running absolutely fine.