Will d2 ress be its own game?

Since i have diablo 2 LoD, will i be able to play with people who gets ressurected? just not with the graphics.
Or will ressurected be its own game.

No (it will be its own game), and it makes no sense they are charging that price for shiny graphics with literally more bugs and less content.
Let’s not get started on console fiasco.

You know what, “purists” can have it.
Easiest refund in history of refunds!

You won’t be able to play with D2R players because D2R will use battle.net 2.0, while D2 (2000) will maintain the old battle.net and no changes.

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Lol. You think the purists are clamoring over this? I know I for one am disappointed about the character interpretations not being D2 like and general censoring of sexuality (blood seems to be ok, but don’t show too much leg or statue boob). I don’t think the way the game plays needs to be changed much or any really from current D2, however I do think DClone spawn is still poor and that a few skill buffs or new gear could be added.

I’m going to see how it does in regards to bots and maybe dclone, those things will dictate whether I swap from D2.

Not to mention the changes to rune words, recipes, etc…

What changes?


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