Will beta characters transfer to launch?

Will the characters I level up in beta be available once the game launches on 9/23?

Beta chars almost never transfer from Beta to Launch.

The Beta is a limited test that is subject to significant changes between Beta end and Launch build release.

I am 99% sure the answer is no.


Why o why did game companies confuse words like open beta from meaning you are helping test for bugs to make sure the game works, to early access for people who paid money. There are a few games I know of that open beta meant early access, and they called it open beta, where everything saved.


Answer is easily found by looking at the press release.

Q: Will my progression from the Beta carry over to the next test?

A: If you participate in the Early Access weekend, your progression from that test will carry over to the Open Beta, which kicks off on August 20.

PLEASE NOTE: Your progression from the Early Access or Open Beta will not carry over to the LIVE release.


Funny how that works. Best comment today. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I was going to answer with a really snarky and probably mean reply, but I changed my mind.

Game on.

Blizzard added that info later.
In the original post from yesterday, first there was nothing said about a reset.

But i’m happy that it’s now official.

Go ask them.

Yep. That was not in the original News post. It was added later. Maybe after I asked? Glad it is official now though. That will certainly help a good bit.

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Thanks…I didn’t see this in the notes. Must’ve missed it.

Don’t let being right get in the way of your success.

Its not that good, I think lot of players loose motivation if they know what they build will be lost, I already got 2 legendary and a good 15 level char, its feels bad, I just stopped playing it. I think the game is 10/10 I just wait the release, want to play for a reason.
Theres not too many bugs btw, its okay, 0 complaines, respect blizzard for puting us back to childhood.

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The reason most game companies don’t let you keep Beta progress is because Beta is full of bugs, possible exploits, and issues. They want EVERYONE to start from the same place on the Release build.

That is also why it is important people know they can’t keep Beta chars. That way they don’t spend too much time or emotional energy on them. Just use the chars you make for testing. Don’t stay up all night or put off real life things just to play when you can’t keep it.

Glad you enjoyed the Beta though!


Have to ask, did you enjoy it? I saw you was playing yesterday evening for a bit. lol

I have been! I got a unique sword when playing my bowazon so had to make a Barb to use it. heh

Yesterday I kept getting DCed which was annoying. Today has been much more stable. I put in a few hours this morning before I had to go on a mini road trip. Home now so will likely play again this evening.

I don’t actually know how/if at all, the social works in it right now. I am guessing being on the Beta servers the normal Bnet chat links are not there.

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This is the kind of feeling D3 is missing.


Yes, it is missing that feeling. Part of the drops being common and leveling in D3 meaning nothing. Seeing as D2 is ALL leveling - it is a bit different.

My progress from Early access to Open beta didn’t carry over. I am playing on Console, Xbox series S

You do realize you are commenting on a 2 year old thread about D2R?



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I just do not now what to say about the necromancer.