Why Ploot? Beat me to my clicking skills

Then you deserve the item, or make a personal game.

My clicking finger is ready to hit the sound barrier it’ll scoop that loot up so fast.



lol what a girlyman who can’t even discuss topics in the thread where they are relevant.

Ya while the rest of us are focused on combat and killing stuff you’re standing there waiting for stuff to drop.

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Bow before me mortal.

I am the Mach Speed Clicker.

Fear me.


Let’s click untill the mouse explode!

Why, when you can let a program do it for you.


Hard to beat scripts. And that’s the actual competition most of the time in public games.

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uhm, maybe because we’re not cheaters?

PickIt is not really a thing anymore since 2014.

That’s absolutely not true.
But feel free to try your hand against scripts all day if that’s your thing. Having the option to play without scripts doesn’t affect you in the slightest, so no reason to be against it.


It’s the first link for the source code off GitHub when you search using Google. It is still a thing and you can use pickit right now for D3. The reason why it isn’t really a thing atm is because it can’t be used to steal loot in D3 since there is no FFA loot system.


so if i am doing you a favor and killing a boss for you and you take the loot because you clicked faster even though i did all the work you deserved the loot?


What I’m saying is this: Of the active d2 playerbase that are NOT bots, playing in public and private games, less than 2% will use pickit regularly. It’s only the bots that skew the experience because they run many public games.

Same will be true for D2R and I think it’s very realistic for Blizzard to crack down hard on public botting, so the issue completely dissolves, you just gotta be quick at grabbing your items but there will be (almost) no hacking involved.

What kind of anecdotal evidence is that? Lmao. Of course gamers will be trying to gain an competitive edge over others in public games for loot, so of course they will be using the pickit program just like how it’s being used currently in the original D2. How ignorant can one be lmao.

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Well it’s fine to have that opinion. But there’s still no rational reason to get in the way of ploot being an option. It doesn’t affect you in any way.


That’s why their most popular sub fee based game World of Warcraft retail/classic currently has the biggest bot problem over any other MMO that is currently out and it is on the same B Net as D2R. Have you been living under a rock?

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to be fair to wow FFXIV is becoming a great contender for most botted mmo around

Because of recent popularity by streamers like Asmongold, WoW classic has been the top for years now. The fact that he is stating nonsense like Blizzard is going to be banning all the bots from their non-sub based game is hilarious at this point.


maybe my point is just it doesn’t matter the company you got enough players you got bots and it becomes worse the more popular it gets doesn’t matter what company it doesn’t seem like a problem that can be solved by current devs.

and d2 will sadly be no exception.

it’s not hard to run a background program scanning your screen every 0.1sec for colorful loot & auto pick it. “without you clicking” & that won’t ever get discovered because it won’t inject memory.

tbh. all blizzard games are the best place for abusers/cheaters.