Why is it still three more bloody weeks to launch

you can check the hellfire one after that i guess :stuck_out_tongue:
and bandaid is still something …i guess xD

*roll the bandaid into a ball and put it in the gun wound *

I feel your pain I’m playing PD2 and really dont want too at this point I just want the game to be here.

And I have no desire to play anything else in the meantime

“thats still tender”

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All of this talk about decks makes me want to rewatch the Blue Collar Comedy skit : Big Deck. :laughing:

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you’ll pull through !
i haven’t watched zombieland 2 speaking of which.

its pretty good. wasnt as good as the first of course, never are. but worth watching.

Here’s an idea. Go through the transcripts of every politician from the past 20 years. Fact check everything, and when you find something that’s true you can consider it a Unique. All uniques from the same politician go to a set. There’s you a holy grail challenge :smiley:

oh mr. funny guy. sending me on a wild goose chase over here.

Maybe you can put three transcripts in the cube and it’ll create a clue :smiley:

Make sure it’s not a trumpscript or the cube will split into two pieces

Do the campaign(s) of Mass Effect for the story. I’m trying to finish Andromeda 100% before D2R release.

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i should take a look someday :stuck_out_tongue:

I started to play through the entire Castlevania catalog while I wait (7 down so far).

Maybe play D1 again? You could sink 3 weeks into that and then get that nostalgic feeling of going from D1 to D2 again…


Stay strong bröther :pray:

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These three weeks I would spend on designing a new build or perfecting the one you already have in mind.

Not just this… both D2R and NW aren’t releasing until the end of the month. It sucks.

Starting to run out of things to do to fill my time too. Even finished working on my pc ended up rebuilding it into a decent case new fans cooler ssd etc

Hard to get into anything else when I know ill be playing this in a few weeks.

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Exactly. I feel like I can’t start another game because I like to really get into them and I know I’ll drop it like a bad habit the second D2R drops. I wish I was into quicker type games that I could get into a throw away. But I’m a nerd who only likes games you can pretty much play like it’s a full time job.

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I still have season 24 along with Star Trek Online and any other game that I want to play to occupy my time till the 23rd. I am sure that you can find another game to occupy your time till then.

Well i haven’t had much luck with any games keeping my attention. Just binge watching various diablo related youtube content. Here’s what i’ve seen so far:

If you have any other video-related content suggestions id appreciate it.