Why I got bored 20 years ago

I just saw a video on youtube of every single quote & sound made by the Necromancer in Diablo II: Resurrected and the total length of the video including every sound bite from the Necromancer in the game is only 3 minutes & 58 seconds.

And it reminded me of why I quit the game because it got annoying hearing the same quote in the same voice over & over so I came up with an idea.

With only 4 minutes of voice over work for an entire character, why not hire some notable celebrity voices & offer it as a character enhancement for $9.99 each voice and pay the celebrities 50% of the earnings or something.

Then you can just pick from a list of voice over actors in settings and pay the charge.

I would pay $9.99 or up to $12.99 to change my necromancers voice every few months to someone like Danny DeVito or Carl or Mastershake from ATHF. It’s just 4 minutes of voice over work per character… They could do it at home.

This would be fantastic.