Why doesn't generating wrath(4sets of Valors) work to Vesalius

Why doesn’t generating wrath(4sets of Valors) work to Vesalius?


I also had the problem yesterday. It’s a bug?

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Seems like high heavens spells have the gravity affect them too much on earth , cant hit stuff thats floating too high.

Same issue here btw, almost screwed up my run.
Still finished in time but was resource starving throughout the whole fight.
What I did find out however , tho , was that if you put 2 of Fist of Heaves (Fissure) to sparkle through the boss is somewhat works, and then it immediately stops again.

Seems like its a hitbox issue.

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Might be not a simple issue to fix, but I hope the developer fix this bug soon.

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It actually shouldn’t be an issue at all. No matter how high a boss is levitating, floating, Genkidama-starting-position-posing whatever…
The RG stands right in front of me. (x/y/z) are defined. If I stand on top of my chair and jump upwards, I am not mysteriously somewhere unknown around my location, I am above that same location.

For rift guardians, it is a certain position in front of me. Only cause it appears that the boss right in front of me is more northern from my position due to the height he is flying high at, he is still in front of me => spell casted in front of me on that location should work.

Another thing is Infernal Maiden. Her hitbox always seems to be somewhere next to her but not where she is standing - while the mouseover targeting help actually directs spells to the location she is standing at.

That isn’t just a case of “shouldn’t actually be”, it actually doesn’t even make sense to be this way.


Can you explain where is their hitbox? It will be clear if you can describe the direction from the center (east, west, north, south).

I cannot catch the direction “next” or “front” as you mentioned.

Vesalius - east, west, north, south?
Infernal Maiden - east, west, north, south?

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