Why do CM's only reply to basic threads & never reply to offline/trading threads?

Blizzard does not allow telecommuting/work from home. You have to be on the Blizz campus behind the firewall on their computers. They don’t have the sort of job position you are describing, even if it would be somewhat logical.

I would have to move to California, lose my home I own, lose my cats, and deal with an insane cost of living. I replied recently to a thread about just that sort of thing… this weekend. In detail. Would you want to work at Blizz? - #7 by MissCheetah-1661

If that’s what you got out of my post, then I don’t know what to say. You aren’t paying attention.

The subject of my particular post wasn’t politics. It was nuance and that both people and AI don’t quite understand it. I answered Saidosha in regards to the whole General Data Protection Regulations…

It’s because of that GDPR nonsense, the feedback under David Kim’s update got deleted. The feedback getting deleted is connected to the very thread, and why Nevalistis jumped here to explain what’s going on.

I’m sorry, if I offended you in any way. It wasn’t my intention.


You offended no one. You’re fine and an amazing human being =)

Some people are absolutely terrified of giving their opinions on things where a portion of the population doesn’t like that idea. Much like LBGT rights or blizzard banning a hearthstone player and casters because they dared to use a platform as big as blizzards to call out the human rights violations in HK.

We should use our platforms for spreading love and the betterment of mankind.

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Talking about the Influencers is kind of a touchy subject. I have no idea if they invited Free out, or had private conversations with him, or other D3 players recently.

They don’t publicize it much because some people get upset about “streamers” or “forum people” or “youtube/blogger”, whatever being more important than the average person. It is not that they are MORE important, it is that they enjoy giving detailed feedback and are GOOD at it.

What I can tell you is the sort of feedback and programs you want do exist, they just exist very quietly. Further, just because they GET feedback from Influencers, does not mean they actually change the game based on it every time, or in the way some would expect.

When you sit down and talk to the devs though, they can give you a fairly robust accounting of all the aspects they considered before making a decision. They hear, even if they don’t always go that way in that patch.

Honestly, if Blizzard hire me part time for 2 or 4 hours a day just to interact with the community. I would take that job in a heart beat.

I would find another full time job and work for Blizzard just for free or two hours a day.

Hell, they wouldn’t even need to pay me. Just let me into the office, let me play some albion and I’ll alt tap out between the forums and the game.

Tell those people to go cry a river then. Also they don’t need release names. Just the fact it happened.

Goes back to what I said, just because some selfish people make it about them and get personally upset is not your problem to deal with.

Let them be upset. They shouldn’t be upset that they didn’t get invited. If they weren’t, they have two choices.

Wait until next time and or work harder to get invited.

Kind of you to offer :slight_smile: They don’t even let Interns work for free. Most of that is due to CA laws, but they have a great program actually.

Interns get paid fair salary, get travel paid for, and get housing paid for. They also get a real job (not just filing), lots of support for it, and a ton of professional development sessions. Sometimes with speakers brought in. Oh, and BBQs and music, and social activities. They try hard to help them get a good on topic learning experience as well as learn about how to succeed in the industry.

Now, if only they would just bring us non students out for a paid summer/winter session! heh.

This is why we need the -1 option back.

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Exactly, get some kids with communications degrees or have a natural skill with communications and put them under a community manager and have it.

It’s that simple. You don’t need to pay them full time, just give them benefits to encourage them to work 2/4 hours.

Blizz does not do that though and part time workers don’t get benefits :frowning: The CM department, as well as marketing and esports were the ones they cut in Feb. Over 800 people gone. That included folks from the CM team for Diablo. We have one now.

Super weird how they laid off all those people while reporting record earnings. Then also hiring so soon afterwards for positions after a lot of those jobs that were claimed to be redundant.

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I can’t speak on that subject with the knowledge I would like to have…

I do know some community managers insulted the the fan base multiple times and they’re still working for Blizzard.

Again, in the real world, if I catch my employee bad mouthing a customer by accidentally or not. You’re fired. No if, ands, or buts.

And my cooks or other employees don’t get news articles about them.

And I’ve run into many vindictive and spiteful game masters in the appeal section. Even one game master put words in my mouth and twisted what I was actually saying. I was treated like dog crap as a customer.

That person, in my restaurant, would be fired on the spot. Don’t care.

But what does Blizzard do when face with back lash? Oh, make it so it’s a bannable thing on reddit to show authentic proof of how bad their punishment system is.

Am I saying that all those people who got fired are like that, but I’m willing to bet that could be a possible reason.

Lore is an excellent example of what you’re speaking of.

Yeah…I know. I don’t even want to get going on that or I might end up breaking some rules. Corporate tends to cause me to disagree strongly with decisions. I had good friends who were impacted. The whole thing sucked. I can’t get into it. Those left were overworked badly and still are. Those who were laid off were blindsided and many struggled, esp trying to make ends meet in the expensive Irvine area.

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I avoided names for a reason, my friend. Please do the same.


Well you know I’m right though. I’m not calling for any action against anyone and never would, I’m just stating a personal opinion. Should I censor my post or is it better to have it on record for the future?

Don’t care whose right or wrong.

I will not have this conversation into a witch hunt and want it to remain civil as possible.

The community manager is here and I want him to read all this.


This ^^^ Call outs are not allowed on the forums and the drama it causes, esp this sort of thing, is not good. That was not a simple situation. To stay within forum rules the name needs to be removed.

Blizz can’t ban you on reddit. You had to break the reddit rules.

This sounds really really odd. I have read many many GM replies when people post them on the forums. There are some miscommunications at times. People are human. I have yet to see any GM be vindictive though. They don’t know the player. They have no reason to be emotional. Their job rating is based on satisfaction. Everything they do is tracked and reviewed. Being actually vindictive would cost a job. That does not seem worth it.

If you have questions or issues with a GM interaction I can try to help explain what might be going on. Mistakes happen.

Edit - not on the forums though. Posting about account actions, or the GM replies, is against the rules. They do allow it sometimes on the CS forum when the poster wants clarification, but that is kind of an exception.

2019, Her*

To each their own. I’m just a blunt straight shooter that doesn’t shy away from what I perceive as truth. I think im a fairly civil person and have done my best to show respect when respect is earned. I don’t think I’ve belittled anyone in this thread.

Maybe customers deserves to be yelled at sometimes. Even if it sadly leads to being fired.
Can only really think of one situation where a WoW CM snapped. Seemed completely justified though :slight_smile:

It obviously suck for anyone who got fired. And certainly not a great image to fire people and announce record earnings. On the other hand, it also needs to be possible for a company to restructure.

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