Why did shadow get left behind?

Any news from blizzard why they abandoned the shadow set? How is it the only build in the game that can’t use an ethereal. Favorite set in the game, and it’s completely useless this season. How does this get missed?

You can thank Diablo II for its ethereal items; D3 did not want to introduce any actually new, which is also why some classes get ethereal items that roll stats less used, like Strength for Dex-classes.

With both dex and strength on a weapon you get extra toughness.

Yes, but not by much. At least according to the chart I’ve seen, if facing equal-level monsters, you get like 1% damage reduction for roughly every 600 armor, or to be more precise, the formula is: 100 * armor / ( armor + 50 * character level ).

So, eventually, the more armor you have the less it actually does for you.