Why botters haven't been banned yet?

Blizzard, please give us an answer on this matter.
I can see you did ban some people that were abusing seasonal game mechanics. So why are you being so oblivious when it comes to botting? Botting is quite obvious in this game and it’s really not hard to identify them.
I do not wish to discuss why I want them banned. The ToS already says it’s forbidden to bot. I also know for a fact that this has been going for years. It makes no sense to threaten and do nothing about it.

There’s also THUD users… I used to like Blizzard when it strived to be a better company.

“Third party addons of any kind are strictly prohibited. While any kind of botting software falls clearly under violation of our Terms of Service, for Diablo III, this also includes any kind of overlay software, map hacks, or any other addons or alterations to the client. Addons are not supported for Diablo III and use of them may result in account warnings or permanent account closure.”


‘yes botters = no approved RL trading’

there’s no official institution, from google to the cia, that can beat the better hackers;
-in fact hackers are hired to help catch other hackers tricks.
-even the globalist mondial cryptocurrency will not stop all cybercrime.

My guess is that they dont have the correct anti-cheat program that can detect third party cheat programs yet.

The typical characteristic of doomsday game. Developers don’t have ability to control botters. Developers don’t respect legit players. Developers consider cheaters as dedicated players.

If they cannot ban botters, they should implement official auto-hunt function in-game. Why always legit players are falling behind cheaters?


Look at the SC Season leader boards and you already know Blizzard has banned many botters.

You don’t pay enough attention to the game I would guess or you would know this.


What is auto hunt? 20 characters

First I agree we should get rid of bots, but why do you compare yourself to them? I’ve not fallen behind the botters, they’re not legitimate players so they don’t count.


What did you say?

I say we remove all the non-botters from the leaderboard.

… and delete their accounts.

… and send letters to the players to make sure and remind them how terrible they are.

… and kick their dogs.

Im sure it not so easy to catch botters without having the proof they are botting. In order to see what your computer is running would prob mean they have to run some sort of spyware which would interfere with your anti virus program. And they would have to warn you they are running spyware.

… because they are unable to detect them without error.
Mystery solved.

What i wanna know is, how you know blizzard HASNT taken action? hmm… Sounds fishy that you KNOW they havent banned botters yet dont have any proof that botters havent been banned.

As i have said in multiple post before, a person botting all season running 100grs constantly isnt gonna get nearly as many Paragon as someone who plays effectively.

running rats / metas most seasons i got 2k paragon and i play casually.
and on HC.

Sounds like there is something amiss here.

for each bot catched, 2 others with an adapted hack show up.

because it doesn’t matter since owning an item means nothing except a higher greater rift.

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Surefire method for detecting botters/cheaters…

Reset all leaderboards with no notice.

All those who vocally complain, who were not in the top 100 spots were legit players.

Anyone else was a cheater



pretty funny m8.

@Schyzo, @RUNtoFUN
Blizzard isnt that mediocre. They don’t even show how many players are actually playing Diablo 3, so there’s no way this can be used as a parameter for trading.
There aren’t many people playing this game and even if half of D3 pop are bots that would still be a low number if you compare to games like fortnite and dota.
Surely it’d be hard to detect bots in real time but it’s really not hard to identify them after a month. How does one play 600-650 hours in one month? Unless you don’t need to take a shower, eat, drink and have a real life… you must be a bot.

I don’t. But I can speak for the botters that are in my friend list. At night their items are completely broken, they have almost 600 hours played and there’re all 2.5k+ paragon. They spend all night and day doing bounties, fast gr to get items and when they’re actually playing, they go for gr140++.
I’m playing a lot gr135+ this season and I’m nowhere close to those paragon 3k, I just got to 2k, because it’s impossible to do as many bounties and fast grs to get the ideal items so I can do higher gr. How can I be as effective? These guys don’t even need to spend time leveling gems up for caldesann.
I can see you just don’t get it.
I did reach gr141 some days ago, but I can’t do fast 141 like botters do.

How do you know they weren’t abusing seasonal game mechanics instead of botting?

I also said that the objective of this thread is to understand why Blizzard hasn’t taken any true action.
I didn’t want to talk about the reason I want them banned. The ToS already says it is prohibited.
I’ll be fine if Blizzard simply says they will never do it, I just want an answer from them.


At the cost of a minor inconvenience for legit players, botting can be handled like so:

  • Implement a 2FA authenticator challenge every X minutes.
  • Failure to input the 2FA within 120 seconds results in being logged out.
  • Logging out and logging back in to try to circumvent the 2FA just prompts for the 2FA again.
  • Failure to input the 2FA 3 prompts in a row results in a ban, with increasingly longer ban times, starting with 24 hours, then 48 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.
  • Players in party play have the game paused for up to 120 seconds while the 2FA has been cleared on all party members.

Yes it interrupts gameplay for legit players. Here’s how to mitigate the frustration it causes:

  • 2FA Challenges only appear to seasonal characters
  • 2FA Challenges are prefaced by a timer
  • Successfully clearing random 2FA’s provides a “Blizzard buff” for the inconvenience… 10% buff to stats for 120 seconds or similar
  • Clearing it as a party additionally spawns a world event (like Uber Diablo)

Just some food for thought. Blizzard has the 2FA system in place already, just need to create a UI element and script it into the game. Any other anti-cheat mechanism can be circumvented client-side, but a server request for validation that relies on a code from a phone would be much harder to thwart.


Good Idea…

Although I am not sure it can stop botting. In addition, it seems like Blizzard don’t care botting. Or they even recommend botting. Blizzard blocked me without any notice because I mentioned “please ban botters.”

The situation is very funny and frustrating. Just do botting. Please don’t feel any guilty conscience. The developers gave up fighting with cheaters.

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Because no one cares, and 80 billion threads every week isn’t going to change that!!