Whos still rerolling Puzzle rings for an Ancient?

Raise your hands!


Did not need to. Of the first 4 Puzzle Rings I found, all of them were Ancient. Then, I switched to a second character and they found a non-Ancient one and now, my original main has found two more non-Ancient rings. Fortunately, I still have 3 of the Ancient ones, one of which will be used with my wife for the Journey when she’s ready (or home.)

I lost count of how many reforges it took but is how I got mine. Only seen two drop since then, so kind of stingey this season so far.

I had mine before I needed it on day 1.

You know you can roll it primal and use that right?

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Do you use the primal ring for a vault or ashes?

Neither. It’s for the altar.

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