Who is your favorite Follower, lorewise?

I know that most of us will use Enchantress, for her CDR boost. But, lorewise, who is your favorite?

Mine is Lyndon, the Scoundrel. He gives the best quips. “If we stand here much longer, I am going to rob you. Just so you know.” It’s just hilarious.

His background story is also more exciting and relatable. Not a fanatic like Kormac or a person out of time and place like Eirena. His constant poking at Kormac and his attempts to get into Eirena’s pants also make him a flawed but colorful character. And his sole motivation for helping the Nephalem? Profit, lots of profit. With great danger, comes great profit.

What do you think? Who is your favorite Follower?

That’s hard to say, because lorewise I enjoyed all three followers.
But if I had to choose, it’d be either Kormac or Lyndon. Kormac mostly when we helped him uncover his forgotten past, and Lyndon when you find out about his past, and how most of the profits he gains, he sends it straight to his brother’s family despite them not speaking with him and even possibly hating him.

It’s a shame that we never get to see how Lyndon’s story ends in D3 (or at least come to some form of a closure like Kormac’s or Eirena).