Whirlrend build without Band of Might


I am trying to set up a whirlrend build without Band of Might.

I do have BoM and it works great, but I would like to try something different.

I tried Unity ring. It’s a good option, but only 50% DR compared to the 80% of BoM.

Do you guys have any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance

At least 5k paragon and Captain Crimson’s level 70 set.

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For speeds or farming T16, you can probably do without Band of Might. For pushing, there’s really no better option unless you have absolutely insane amounts of Paragon.

For Seasonal play, you can drop Spear in favor of War Cry if you use the WW Sanctified power, but that’s not gonna keep you alive when you’re pushing your limits. It’s Band of Might or bust.

Thank you for the answers.

Would Stone Gauntlets be a good replacement? It is hard to estimate the value since it is not a straight damage reduction, but rather an armor increase.

There is not any other suggestions because it won’t work. The closest you can get is running crimson with resource cost reduction rolls but that just defeats the purpose.

Stone Gauntlets can be incorporated into the build, sure, but they don’t offer as much DR as Band of Might and they take up an otherwise essential gear slot. To use Stone Gauntlets, you would need to wear or Cube the RoRG–bad idea.

To use Stone Gauntlets in the Cube, you need to give up Mantle–also a bad idea since this lowers your damage.

If you’re pushing with this build, Band of Might is required. Sorry, but there’s no getting around it.

Thanks for the answers.

I will try the Crimson set with Cost Reduction rolls and the Ring of Royal Grandeur and see how it works for me.

If I can’t make it work, I will re-equip the Band of Might.

Why do you want to remove one of the most overpowered item in the game? Usually when something is overpowered everyone gravitates to that item, build, ability, etc…

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I actually created such a build, but it plays differently from main (highest clear was 134, but I’m sure it can go much higher).

And yes, without BoM.

Thank you for showing the Crimson build. I really like it and I am currently gearing towards it.

To answer the question, the reason for no Band of Might is because I find that Ground Stomp or Furious Charge every 8 sec is like a “break” in the “flow” of whirlwind.

It’s also because the higher I tried to push rifts, the more I realized that my build needed to conform to the template. Not much room for variance in terms of gear choice and even stats rolls.

Whereas when I stay around GR130, a lot more options open up in terms of build, which I personally find interesting.